Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Raman alias Gulabo Fails

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Raman alias Gulabo Fails :- Raman went to Abhishek house to seek help he asks him what you want he said I need Divya she says what he says I know that you are a specialized makeup artist I want to change my avatar completely she asks how Raman says I want you to turn me into a mother they got shocked hearing this Raman says I want to be around my children all the time thats why they agreed to do the job for him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 1067 Written Updates

Divya applies makeup on Raman and tells him that it will wear off in 12 hours and asks him to return home before night. She calls Abhishek and Romi inside. They get shocked to see him and decide to call him Gulabo. Raman goes out. Pihu’s principal tells Ishita that Pihu’s performance is really bad. Ishita tells him maybe it’s because of their family issues. She tells him that she is not living with Raman these days. Principal asks her to pay extra attention on her. Both, Param and Gaurav bring eateries for Ananya. She chooses Gaurav’s donuts over Param’s kachoris. Param gets disappointed.

Gulabo calls Shagun and tells her that she is fully qualified for the job of a governess. She tells her that she has worked at Kajol’s house and has good knowledge in History and Geography. Shagun gets happy to know that and asks her to come for the interview. Gulabo gets amazed to get all the male attention. Ishita meets her boss and asks if she can leave the job. Her boss explains to her that she cannot leave as all their clients come because of her only.

Ruhi and Aaliya make a list of all the interviewees. Ishita comes and asks them to consult Shagun before making the list. Shagun asks them to add Gulabo’s name in the list. Ishita tells Shagun that she is felling bad that her daughters will have to be brought up by a stranger. Ruhi hears all this and gets upset. Aaliya asks her what’s the matter. She tells her that she wants to do something productive with her life. Aaliya reminds her that she is Ruhaan. Ruhi tells her that she can’t continue doing that all her life. Aaliya suggests her to pursue business studies as business in her blood.

Gulabo gets eve-teased by an auto driver. He leaves the auto and decides to take a bus. Santoshi and Madhu decide to go and check all the interviewees. All the candidates come to Shagun’s house. Raman gets eve-teased by a man at the bus stand and beats him up.

Raman as Gulabo came for the interview and sits with all the aspirants a women accidently touches him Raman gets uncomfortable he had a fight with the women Ruhi came and asked them to calm down Gulabo turn came Ishita saw her Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays the interview starts Gulabo gave answers to all the questions very well Ishita was about to select her but Shagun came and says I have found a perfect nanny for Pihu already Raman gets failed.

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