Jan 27, 2020

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 6th November 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Marries Rocky Ruchika Shocked

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 6th November 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Marries Rocky Ruchika Shocked :- A hopeless Shivangi jumps off the cliff in order to commit suicide and she fell down but she gets stunned as finally she gets her powers becomes Naagin after which she decide not to die and kill the muderers of her mother Shivanya seeking her revenge. While at Nikunj house Ruchika and Rocky marriage was about to happen as Mandap has been prepared and Pandit arrived Sesha was very happy seeing all this.


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Shivangi meets Yamini in the Nikunj house Yamini gets shocked seeing her but happy at the same time as her key to Naagmani is back now Shivangi tells Yamini the whole true story about how Shivanya saved her from dacoits by wearing her bridal dress Yamini says to her you stay here in room and I will come back in a moment.

Yamini went to Ruchika room and tells her that the preperations will take a lot of time as Pandit Ji is doing rehearsals of mantras she gave her an IPOD and asked her to listen to songs she took her dress Ruchika says why are you taking it from here Yamini replied I am going to get it iron Ruchika gets happy and asked Yamini to leave she will sleep for a few hours.

Then Yamini gets Shivangi as bride as she was in veil so no one spotted her not even Rocky then time came for the rounds of the sacred fire Shivangi takes Negative promises to destroy Nikunj family then time came for the Sindoor filling in Shivangi maang Rocky gets shocked seeing her Ruchika came and asked to stop but Rocky filled sindoor in Shivangi maang and Pandit Ji announced them as husband wife.

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