Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 5th November 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Gets Powers Becomes Naagin

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 5th November 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Gets Powers Becomes Naagin :- Shivangi finds her mother Shivanya dead as she got killed by Sesha saving her daughter Guru Dev tells her to take a look in Shivanya eyes as you will find out who killed her Shivangi did exactly that and she saw all the killers but she gets stunned seeing Rocky also involved in all this then she pledges that she will take the revenge of her mother murder and will destroy whole Nikunj family.


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Everyone was enjoying at Rocky Ruchika engagement ceremony Yamini and Avantika did an awesome dance they were too much happy then Rocky dance with Ruchika but he was imagining Shivangi with him at that point of time later he pushes Ruchika and gets away. Shivangi along with her sister Gautami gets inside Nikunj house as Caterers with the intention of killing Rocky but she failed to do so.

There was a astrologer she meets Shivangi and tells her that within few hours your life is going to take a big turn your revenge is about to start then they all went to take out the Naagmani as it was about to lighten up today Shivangi followed them they all failed to grab the Naagmani Shivangi finds Ruchika is a Naagin and Avantika is a Bee gets shocked seeing this.

All of them leave the place then Shivangi went and grabs the Naagmani but she places it back then At her hotel Shivangi had a nightmare and she gets up too much scared she locked the door of the room from outside tells Gautami to stay inside I am leaving you then Shivangi went to commit suicide she jumps off the cliff but when she fell down Shivangi turns into a Naagin as she gets her powers finally.

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