Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 4th December 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Saves Rudra Life

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 4th December 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Saves Rudra Life :- Shivangi along with Rudra Naag finally manages to trap Vikram Maheshmati by getting Garuda locket away from his neck then Shivangi confronts him on the rooftop she came into her Naagin form and tells him that you are one of the murderer of my mother Shivanya then at last she killed him he fells down with blood coming out of his mouth then Shivangi turned into human form and gets happy on killing the second killer.


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Everyone rushed to the rooftop and gets shocked seeing Vikram in such kind of condition Avantika gets unconscious seeing her husband dead Yamini and Rocky took him to the hospital where doctor says that he is dead Rudra turns into a Pandit and gets Vikram burnt by the hands of Rocky then at Nikunj house 8th killer came but Yamini told him to go away we will meet you later.

Yamini and Sesha met 8th killer he gave them a special mani to trap Rudra Naag they gave it to Kapalika she starts doing Pooja of it Avantika also reached there then finally they managed to get Rudra in the cave and killed him Shivangi was watching all this from outside and cried a lot as she was helpless and can’t go inside the cave.

Shivangi takes Rudra to Gurudev he says you have to get a special kind of herb before Sunrise and Scorpion King is protecting it Shivangi went in search for the herb fights with the Scorpion king and finally gets it before Sunrise Rudra starts breathing again he wakes up and Shivangi gets happy seeing him back to life.

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