Jan 26, 2020

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 30th October 2016 Written Updates Rocky Gets Engaged to Ruchika

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 30th October 2016 Written Updates Rocky Gets Engaged to Ruchika :- Finally Shivanya is dead in Naagin Season 2 as Kaali Naagin Sesha throws her from the top of the cliff thinking she is Shivangi but in reality she is still alive and Shivanya did all this to save her daughter from the evil trio of Yamini, Sesha and Avantika Maheshmati now it will be interesting to watch how Shivangi will take revenge of the death of her mother and when will she turn into a Naagin during her mission.


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Shivangi saw the dead body of her mother and cries a lot Guru Dev at the Shiv Temple tells her to look into her mother eyes she will see the killers and Shivangi did the same after which she saw all the murderers stabbing Shivanya one by one including the one behind the Sehra and Shivangi thinks he is Rocky after which she decides to kill all of them one by one taking the revenge of her mother death.

Yamini did some drama as she gets hospitalized and doctor says that her health is critical to Rocky so you have to keep her happy all the time Ruchika went to Rocky and emotionally blackmails him after which he says yes to marry her Ruchika gets very much happy and takes her Naagin form went to hug Yamini after which they have a funny nok jhok.

An angry Shivangi went to Rocky house to meet him but she gets the shock of her life when she witnessed Rocky and Ruchika engagement happening she cried a lot thinking that Rocky has cheated on her and he actually loves Ruchika even Rocky was very sad and went outside drinking he saw Gautami and Shivangi but they hide their face.

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