Jan 25, 2020

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 29th October 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Sees Killers in Shivanya Eyes

Today Naagin Season 2 Episode 29th October 2016 Written Updates Shivangi Sees Killers in Shivanya Eyes :- On the occasion of Shivangi marriage with Rocky whole evil gang of Maheshmati, Yamini and Sesha stabs Shivanya one by one after which she took her last breathe and died on the spot then they took Shivangi out of her room but suddenly police arrived on the spot for investigation and they hide Shivangi but when Yamini and Avantika went to see her back they found out that Sesha kidnapped her.


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Sesha took Shivangi on the top of a cliff from where she was about to drop her down suddenly Yamini reached there along with Avantika and tried to stop her but she says no as Shivangi came between me and Rocky so I will not leave her and if you even tried to do something than you will face the consequences actually it turned out that Sesha was having Shivanya in her custody as she fooled all of them by putting Shivanya bridal dress on.

Finally Sesha dropped Shivangi (Shivanya) from the top of the cliff seeing which both Yamini and Avantika gets shocked thinking that Shivangi is dead and she was the only key to Naagmani An angry Avantika turned into a bee and attacked Sesha but Yamini stopped her and says now only she can take us to Naagmani we will think about the rest later.

Shivangi was with Guru Dev at the temple she saw Shivanya dead body and cried a lot Guru Dev tells her the truth that Shivangi mother was a Icchadaari Naagin and also tells her about whole Ritik Shivanya love story. Guru Dev then than tells Shivangi to see in Shivanya eyes and she does exactly that after which Shivangi saw all the murderers of Shivanya in her eyes and decides to take revenge.

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