Apr 1, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 7 Feb 2020 Written Updates Mahira asks Karan for a hug

Today Kundali Bhagya 7 Feb 2020 Written Updates Mahira asks Karan for a hug :- The Friday 7 February 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Preeta thinking in jail, I saw something else in Karan’s eyes when he was making the promise of getting me out of the jail or I am getting it wrong and he is actually going to marry Mahira. Karan in his room says no one is thinking wrong and I promised Mahira for the marriage only because I want to save Preeta from the jail. Mahira contines to mock Sherlyn and says I am way smarter then you. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Karan is making a fool out of you and he is not going to marry you as he is The Karan Luthra. Mahira tells Sherlyn that I am not like you who loves someone and marriess someone else hearing this Sherlyn gets shocked. Mahira says that now the second half begins Sherlyn in which I wil take the charge. Mahira further adds that Karan will think I am doing what he wants but I will do what I want, Sherlyn asks what do you mean by that hen Mahira says think about it and you will figure it out.

Rishabh goes to Karan’s room and asks him did you talked to Mahira and asked her to speak in favor of Preeta in the hearing tomorrow then Karan responds yes and she agreed. Karan hugged Rishabh and he asked Karan why are you so sad then but Karan didn’t tell Rishabh about the deal he made with Mahira. Next morning at Arora house, everyone was about to leave for court and Sarla says that Preeta has a lot of hope in her eyes that Karan will save her and even I believe him but still he is very unpredictable and we don’t know what he will say in court. Biji says don’t worry Sarla as Mata Rani will make everything alright. Srishti tells Sarla that you, Janki Aunty and Dadi go in one auto and I will come in another and they left.

At Luthra house Ramona asks Kareena what do you think what will happen in the court hearing today, Kareena says Preeta will get out of our lives forever. Kritika asks Saammy and Rishabh do you think that Mahira will actually speak in favor of Preeta in the court then Rishabh says don’t give us stress and don’t mention about it here otherwise a new drama will start. Karan came and Kareena asks him to call Mahiira so we can leave. Karan went to Mahira’s room and she offered him tea from her own cup, Karan drinks it then Mahira drinks it. Mahira asks Karan for a hug then Karan says I can’t hug you as a couple but only as a friend right now.

Mahira tells Karan that I need to go to meet the doctor so you leave and I will come later, Karan says ok. Karan tells Kareena that Mahira will come to court directly. Sherlyn receives call from Preeta’s lawyer and Sherlyn makes drama in front of Kareena that she will come with her mom to court after which rest of the Luthra’s left for the court. Srishti in auto says that I will talk to Karan sir to support my di as I can do anything for my di. Sherlyn meets Preeta’s lawyer and he asks her for the rest of money as he says that he can turn case in any direction otherwise.

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