Jun 4, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 6 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan makes a deal with Mahira

Today Kundali Bhagya 6 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan makes a deal with Mahira :- The Thursday 6 February 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with, Sarla telling Janki that she is assured that Karan believes that Preeta is innocent but Preeta is her daughter and its upto her to get Preeta out of jail and she will do anything for this, Srishti says yes maa. Karan comes to Mahira’s room and she asks him to come in. Karan asks Mahira to take back complain against Preeta, Mahira says that Preeta hates her and she wants to kill her. Mahira further tells Karan that I never discussed anything about this because I don’t want a confusion between us because of Preeta. Karan says to Mahira that I know you have suffered a lot of pain then Mahira says I lived in fear and if I get Preeta out of jail then she might try to kill me again. Karan says I know Preeta can never do this then Mahira says do you think I have tried to falsely frame Preeta and I hate her.

Rishabh comes to his room and Sherlyn was there then Sherlyn says that I am feeling good coming back to my family again and when I was not here I realized how much I love you. Rishabh thanked Sherlyn for taking care of Mahesh uncle then Sherlyn says so you are not happy that I came back, Rishabh says no its not like that. Sherlyn asks Rishabh to drink coffee with him and he agrees. Sherlyn thinks that now I will rule over this whole Luthra house.

Mahira asks Karan to answer do you think I hate Preeta then Karan responds I think you had a misunderstanding about her and Sherlyn is influencing you. Sherlyn says alone in the corridor that in the past I was alone against Luthra but now I have Mahira who is my puppet and will do whatever I want and I will asks her to do. Sherlyn further adds that there was a time when no one was accepting me because of Preeta and she was my competition but now Kareena and Dadi are on my side and soon Rakhi will also support me and say Sherlyn bahu Sherlyn bahu Sherlyn bahu.

Mahira tells Karan that Sherlyn hasn’t said anything to her and Preeta tried to kill her. Karan asks Mahira do you trust me then Mahira says a lot. Karan says that Preeta won’t harm you. Mahira tells Karan that I think if I got Preeta out of jail then you will back out from marriage. Sherlyn was hearing Mahira and Karan’s conversation. Mahiira says Karan I’m sorry I can’t let Preeta out of jail. Sherlyn thinks good Mahira you gave a solid answer to Karan. Mahira tells Kran that Preeta is your best friend and if she comes out of jail then she will manipulate you.

Karan thinks that I have to do somethiing to get Preeta out of jail otherwise she will get punished for the crime she hasn’t done. Karan had an idea that if Mahira says in favor of Preeta during the hearing then Preeta will get released. Karan tells Mahira that if you speak in the witness box in favor of Preeta then I promise I will marry you and will support you. Sherlyn thinks that Mahira is not that stupid. Mahira accepts Karan’s deal and hearing this Sherlyn gets very angry. Karan leaves Mahira’s room.

Sherlyn goes to Mahira’s room and slaps her hard. Sherlyn says what about our plan and you can’t do this to me. Mahira gave water to Sherlyn and tells her to stop speaking nonsense. Sherlyn throws the glass and says you are speaking rubbish. Mahira tells Sherlyn that I am not like you and you make a lot of mistakes. Mahira further says that you don’t know who am I, I am Karan Luthra’s would be wife but I forgive you.

Mahira tells Sherlyn that it was all my plan and I was pressing all the buttons even using you, I know that Preeta is Karan’s weakness and he will marry me if I exploit it. Karan in his room lies on bed and thinks about the romantic moments he had spent with Preeta taking a pillow in his hands. Preeta in jail thinks is Karan really marrying Mahira as I have seen something else in his eyes.

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