Jun 4, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 31 Jan 2020 Written Updates Sherlyn Leaves Luthra House

Today Kundali Bhagya 31 Jan 2020 Written Updates Sherlyn Leaves Luthra House :- The Friday, 31 January 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Rishabh leaving room after which Sherlyn says that Rishabh Luthra you will stop me from leaving this house, just wait and watch. Sammy asks Karan, do you think that Sherlyn will give her phone to Rishabh. Karan says I don’t know as she is very clever. Karan tells Sammy that Sherlyn was calling Rishabh baby then Sammy says but Rishabh is older then her so she should respect him. Karan says to Sammy, Rishabh is Sherlyn’s husband so she can call him baby. Sammy says yeah thats okay just like you call Preeta bajarbhatti and she calls you bajarbhattu. Karan says how do you known that then Sammy says I saw this, Karan says no you’re lying and you are flying high. Rishabh came and tells Karan that Sherlyn is not giving phone and I shouted on her. Sammy says you did the right thing, Rishabh stares at Sammy and Sammy left. Rishabh tells Karan that Sherlyn is threatening to leave house but I know its her drama. Karan tells Rishabh that I am going to meet Preeta at police station, Rishabh says I will go with you, Karan says that no Sherlyn will create a big drama behind your back so stay here. Rishabh tells Karan to tell Preeta that all of us are with her.

Sherlyn receives a call from Mahira and she tells her to bring the whole Luthra family in the meeting room fast. Karan was leaving to meet Preeta and Mahira saw him going. Mahira tells all the ladies in Luthra family that Sherlyn is calling you and they went to meet her. Sherlyn starts doing drama in front of the Luthra ladies and she gave jewellery back to everyone. Sherlyn says that Iam giving you the jewellery back because I don’t want to be accused for theft. Kareena says Sherlyn you are Rishab’s wife then Sherlyn says no and I am leaving this house. Rakhi stop Sherlyn and tells her that you will not leave this house. Sherlyn tells Rakhii that both Rishabh and Karan want me to leave this house.

Sammy asks Rishabh that where is everyone, Rishabh says they might be with Sherlyn. Rishabh tells Sammy that I am Sherlyn’s husband and I just wanted to see that video thats it but she started the drama. Rishabh says even I overreacted. Sammy asks Rishabh, will it effect you if Sherlyn leaves house then Rishabh says yes because the family will get effected and due to this I will get effected. Rishabh tells Sammy that I lied to Karan that Sherlyn leaving house won’t effect me because Karan doesn’t like Sherlyn.

Sherlyn tells all the Luthra ladies that both Karan and Rishabh hates her. Kritika says Sherlyn you can’t blame my brothers like that. Kareena tells Kritika that you can’t talk to Sherlyn like that, she’s your bhabhi. Rakhi tells Sherlyn that we think you had a misunderstanding about Preeta pushing Mahira. Sherlyn says no mummy ji I have a video proof and I gave it to police after which they arrested Preeta again. Preeta alone in jail was thinking about the promise Karan made to her then Preeta gets up and thinks why I feel that Karan will come,, Preeta thinks that its my misunderstanding Karan didn”t came.

Karan comes to police station and Preeta turns back. Both Karan and Preeta saw each other, they came close and got romantic, lost in each others eyes. Preeta says you here, Karan says should I leave, do you think I listen to you. Karan tells Preeta that I care for you a lot. Sherlyn tells Luthra ladies that I was ready to show Rishabh ji that video but he says that he trust me just the same like he trusts Preeta, what does that mean. Sherlyn tells Rakhi that I have seen Preeta’s real face then Sherlyn tells Ramona that I am leaving from back door. Kritika thinks that Sherlyn is a big drama queen and she is shedding crocodile tears.

Dadi and Rakhi tries to stop Sherlyn but she continues her drama and left. Dadi tells Rakhi to talk to Rishabh and make him understand. Ramona tells Rakhi that you didn’t trust your daughter-in-law but now she has proof against Preeta so stop blindly trusting Preeta. Ramona says to Rakhi that I am going to give my daughter to you and you need to take care of her. Preeta asks Karan, why you care for me this much. Karan says that you didn’t hear the wole thing, I was enjoying the party at home but then I thought that whether you have eaaten something or not. Karan says Preeta don’t worry I will get you out of here soon.

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