Apr 1, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 30 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rishabh Sherlyn Fight

Today Kundali Bhagya 30 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rishabh Sherlyn Fight :- The Thursday 30 January 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with, Rakhi asking Karan where were you as all the guests were asking about you, now go change your clothes and come fast. Karan asks Rakhi where is Sherlyn then Mahira tells him that she is upstairs to take medicines for Dadi. Mahira thinks whats going in Karan’s mind, he did not told me why he went to Preeta’s house. Mahira calls Sherlyn and tells her that there is going to be a big problem, them Sherlyn comes to Mahira and asks what happened. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Karan came and he was asking about you. Sherlyn gets scared and says I will hide somewhere as Karan will ask for the video and there is no problem in showing him the video but then he will send it to lab and it will be proven that I have edited the video. Sherlyn bumps to Rishabh then he asks where are you going, Sherlyn says I was going to give medicine to Dadi. Dadi came and asks for medicine, Sherlyn says I will bring water then Rishabh asks waiter for water. Mahira thinks that she need to do something to keep Sherlyn away from everyone.

Rishabh asks Sherlyn what happened to you, why are you looking so nervous. Kritika tells Sameer that when you told me that police arrested Preeta on Sherlyn’s complaint I got shock but I never felt that it was unbelievable because Sherlyn hates Preeta. Kritika says to Sameer that now its good that Preeta got bail, Karan tells Kritika and Sameer that Preeta got arrested again. Karan further tells them to not tell anyone about it otherwise mom will get tension. Karan says its all Sherlyn’s game and she is playing making Mahira and Preeta a pawn but this time I will do what I want.

Sherlyn tries to leave then Dadi stops her and tells Rishabh that Sherlyn is your wife, a good girl and a good daughter-in-law. Kareena says to Dadi that I have saying this since a long time but there is someone who doesn’t listen. Rishabh thinks that why is Dadi is talking like this seems like Sherlyn complained to Dadi that I scolded her because of Preeta. Mahira suggests everyone to play truth and dare. Karan came in front of Sherlyn then Mahira thinks that she needs to stop Karan from talking to her. Mahira makes a waiter fall and Sherlyn’s dress got messed up after which Sherlyn says I will go to clean it.

Preeta in jail was thinking about the promise Karan made to her about getting her out of jail that too with clean chit. Lady constable came and tells Preeta that Karan Luthra cares for Preeta a lot and she believes that he will get her out of jail. Preeta says that I have full faith that my mother will get me out of here and I just wanted to know whether Karan trusts me or not but the way he talks it seems he will get me out of here because I treated Dadi. Preeta says that Karan doesn’t understand that I care for his family just like mine, Karan just wants to pay back. Preeta says I just want his trust but now it seems that the trust will never come back again. Preeta starts crying in jail.

Sherlyn goes into her room and she puts the phone on the table after which Sherlyn went to washroom to clean her sari. Karan came in Sherlyn’s room after when he saw her phone, Karan tried to open it but he failed to open it without password. Karan hides behind chair as Sherlyn comes back. Sherlyn hears a voice and says who is in the room then Sherlyn thinks it might be my baby as he has not met me since so many days. Sherlyn says baby I know its you and you came to give me surprise. Karan says Sherlyn calls Rishabh baby.

Sarla failed to arrange money for Lawyer’s fee then Janki offers some amount but Sarla says its not enough and I have to arrange money somehow as I am Preeta’s mother. Sherlyn was about to catch Karan but something fell outaside the room after which Sherlyn goes outside and Karan manages to escape through window. Sherlyn comes back to room and she looks behind chair after which Sherlyn says whats happening. Sammy tells Karan that he distracted Sherlyn from outside and Karan says thanks to Sammy

Karan takes Rishabh with him away and tells him that Preeta got arrested again. Karan tells Rishabh that Sherlyn has a phone with the video proof and I need that phone. Mahira came and tells Karan that mom is calling him. Karan tells Rishabh that it seems Sherlyn is manipulating Mahira as well. Karan asks Rishabh that whether Sherlyn calls him baby and Rishabh says what.

Rishabh comes to bedroom screaming Sherlyn and he asks her why she did that to Preeta. Sherlyn says I did this for our family, Rishabh says what’ve we got. Rishabh asks Sherlyn for the phone and Sherlyn says I won’t give it to you. Sherlyn says I will leave this house then Rishabh says ok leave but give me the phone. Sherlyn says no and I know you will not come for me but for this phone. Rishabh tells Sherlyn that to prove Preeta innocent I don’t need your phone mark my words.

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