Apr 3, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 29 Jan 2020 Written Updates Karan promises to help Preeta

Today Kundali Bhagya 29 Jan 2020 Written Updates Karan promises to help Preeta :- In the starting of tonight’s Kundali Bhagya episode, Preeta asks Srishti that it seems Karan doesn’t believe me. Srishti says it seems that he is thinking something, sometimes it seems that he is waiting for the right moment to say something and sometimes. Preeta asks Srishti, sometimes what. Sarla went to Karan and tells him that if you think my daughter is innocent then you can meet her and if you think that she is guilty then leave. Sherlyn gave the box to Rakhi then Sherlyn saw Rishabh and says, it seems like he is keeping a watch on Kareena but do Rishabh Luthra whatever you want because when you will get news of Preeta’s arrest, you will forget everything. Mahira says to Sherlyn the people who help me I care for them a lot. Mahira gave two juice glasses to Kareena and tells her that the second one you will give to Rakhi aunty so that everything will get alright between you. Rishabh was watching Mahira giving Kareena juice and thinks what is Mahira doing also why is she not trusting Preeta because I know whatever she is saying didn’t happened.

Kareena gave Rakhi juice and everything got sorted out between them. Rishabh saw this and thinks that Mahira seems like a mature girl then why she is doing all this with Preeta. Sherlyn was staring at Rishabh then Mahira asks why’re you staring at him. Sherlyn says I am trying to find out that why he trusts Preeta more then us. Sherlyn further says that Rishabh will get angry once he finds out about Preeta’s arrest but no problem as Rishabh doesn’t deserve to stay happy. Mahira says to Sherlyn, what are you saying then Sherlyn says nothing but soon a new drama will start.

Sarla says to Karan that Preeta can never do wrong and if you believe her truth then you can meet her otherswise you cannot meet her, Karan leaves. Sarla tells Srishti don’t tell about this Preeta. Karan tells Inspector that he wants to see the video proof against Preeta. Inspector tells Karan that you cannot see it then Karan asks atleast tell me who gave you the proof to which Inspector responds Sherlyn Luthra. Karan went to meet Preeta but Sarla tries to stop him, Karan says even police cannot stop me from meeting her, she is looking at me since a long time.

Karan meets Preeta in jail and he asks Preeta why are you so upset, Preeta says I am thinking whether you trust me or not. Karan says don’t give anyone that much importance in your life Preeta Arora. Karan promises to Preeta that he will get her out of jail that too with clean chit. Preeta asks Karan why are you doing this for me, Karan says because you took care of my dadi and now its time to pay back. Both Preeta and Karan shared a romantic moment then Karan tells Preeta to take care of yourself and leaves.

Sarla pleads in front of Inspector to help her then Inspector suggests Sarla a lawyer and he says that the lawyer might cost you a lot but only he can help you. Sarla takes lawyer’s number from Inspector. Karan tries to call Rishabh but he was busy. Sherlyn tells Mahira that its the silence before the storm. Karan calls Sherlyn and Sherlyn tells Karan to meet her at home and talk. Mahira asks Sherlyn that what will Karan do, Sherlyn says a big drama. Guests came wishing Ramona birthday then they told Kareena that they have heard that some robbers came during Mehandi function. Kareena tells Mahira to ignore them then Mahira says but aunty Preeta ruined all my memories.

Sherlyn saw Rishabh and thinks that laugh as much as you want but soon everything will be over. I wish I could’ve involved my Punnu baby in all this but then he will eat my brain. Dadi asks Sherlyn why are you giving bad expressions to Rishabh, seems like you are angry with him because he scolded you for complaint against Preeta. Dadi hugs Sherlyn then Sherlyn thinks that everyone here thinks I am nice except Rishabh and Karan. Sherlyn asks Dadi have you taken the medicines then Dadi says no because I know you will give me medicines, Sherlyn says I will bring your medicine now.

Sarla meets lawyer then he tells her that I will fight this case and you will win this case as well. Lawyer tells his assisstant that charge them only half fees. Lawyer tells Sarla that now we will meet in court. Karan comes back to Luthra house and thinks that he needs to find that video, seems like Sherlyn had done something fishy as she should not be trusted.

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