Feb 23, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 28 Jan 2020 Written Updates Police arrests Preeta again

Today Kundali Bhagya 28 Jan 2020 Written Updates Police arrests Preeta again :- In the beginning of tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rishabh asks Sherlyn why you made complaint against Preet, Sherlyn says that Preeta is a criminal hearing this Rishabh shouts at Sherlyn and says shut up. Rishabh tells Sherlyn if something like this ever happen again then problem in our marriage will happen. Sherlyn asks Rishabh why you trust Preeta so much, Rishabh answers because she is our house’s daughter-in-law. Rishabh says if dad was alright today then he would’ve done the same. Rishabh further says when dad had cardiac arrest for the first time then I took over his business and responsibilities, today as well I am doing the same. Rishabh also tells Sherlyn that Karan trusts Preeta like I trust her but our ways of pretending it are different. Karan asks Preeta why are you doing this, Preeta says because you’re my husband then Preeta says you might be feeling it but there is nothing like that, I care for everyone. Karan says you are lying then he grabs Preeta’s hand and says why I am not mad at you, why I am not angry with you, Preeta says ask youself sometimes you are the question youself and you are the answer youself. Janki calls Karan and Preeta by telling them that she has made cake also coffee for Karan.

Sherlyn alone says that you trust Preeta a lot but no problem the game I have played now nobody will believe Preeta, her life will be destroyed, People don’t believe in what they hear but the video I have give to police against Preeta no one will be able to deny it, Now you and Karan will find out about the extent I can go to get Preeta out of my way. Mahira comes to Karan’s bedroom then she starts touching his pictures on the wall. Mahira opens Karan’s cupboard and takes his jacket after which she wears it and lies on Karan’s bed thinking about him. Mahira says I miss you Karan, where are you.

Karan at Arora house cuts Preeta’s celebration cake with Arora family then Mahira called him. Bells rings and Sarla went to open the door, Mahira says to Karan on phone hi handsome where are you, Police came and says we came here to arrest Preeta, Mahira hears that on phone and gets shocked knowing Karan is with Preeta. Mahira starts throwing things in Karan’s room, Sherlyn came and asks her why are you getting so much hyper, Mahira says that after all this happened, Karan is at Preeta’s house.

Sarla asks Inspector why you come to take my daughter, Srishti says Preeta di already got bail. Inspector says there are two more cases against Preeta, half murder and cheating. Preeta says I will not go anywhere then Sarla says you cannot take my daughter. Inspector says we didn’t came here to answer your questions then lady constables puts handcuffs in Preeta’s hands. Karan was watching all this but he did not helped Preeta. Police took Preeta with them and Sarla looks in anger at Karan.

Sarla, Srishti and Janki follows Inspector outside even Janki joins hands in front of Inspector but he did not listened to her and took Preeta with him. Karan sits in his car and leaves. Sarla tells Srishti to bring money as we will go to police station. Society people says that police came to Sarla ji’s house, what has Preeta done that she got arrested. Janki says if you said anything against Preeta then I will break you face. Sarla says I don’t care what anyone says, lets take auto and help Preeta.

Karan in his car was thinking about police taking Preeta with them then he thinks about what Mahira and Kareena said about her. Karan also thinks about how Preeta saved Luthra’s from goons and took care of Dadi. Mahira says how can he do this to me, Karan got engaged to me so he should spend time with me but he is with Preeta. Sherlyn asks what have you heard, Mahira says there was a Inspector saying we came to arrest Preeta. Sherlyn says our plan is getting successful as after Preeta goes to jail, Karan will come to you. Mahira says I need to clean his room and asks Sherlyn to help her. Sherlyn says no do it yourself and Karan likes his room clean. Mahira alone says now Karan will be mine.

Sarla, Janki and Srishti were looking for auto but they were not finding one then Srishti says today is auto strike. Sarla says ok we will get lift from someone, Karan came to give lift and Srishti was about to sit in his car but Sarla grabbed her hand. Srishti says it doesn’t matter as we are getting lift so lets sit in Karan sir’s car. All of the Arora’s sits in Karan’s car and they left for police station.

Lady constable at police station says sorry to Preeta, Preeta says why are you saying sorry then lady constable says because my heart says that you are a good girl but your situation is not right. Sarla came in police station with Janki and Srishti, Karan also came with them. Sarla tells Preeta no matter if anyone believes you or not but I will get you out of jail, we don’t need anyone’s help. Preeta looks at Karan and tells Sarla this mean that Karan didn’t believed us. Sarla says trust me Preeta, I will get you out of jail.

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