Feb 23, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 27 Jan 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta Shower Romance

Today Kundali Bhagya 27 Jan 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta Shower Romance :- In the opening scene of Tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Ramona tells Kareena that we have searched for Rakhi everywhere but she is nowhere to be found then Kareena says lets call her. Kareena calls Rakhi but Srishti disconnects the call and thinks that everyone is in good mood so Kareena mam you keep calling and I will keep disconnecting. Janki was smiling in her drunk state then Rishabh asks her why are you keeping finger on your mouth. Srishti says that she got drunk and mumma catches her. Rakhi then leaves with Rishabh and says to Sarla that she will fulfill her promise as nothing will happen to Preeta. Both Preeta and Srishti hugs Sarla. Karan at hospital was signing the discharge papers of Mahira then he hears two women talking bad about Preeta as they were saying that Preeta gets too close to her patient and its not right. Karan defends Preeta and he says that you know why Preeta gets too close to her patient’s because she treats them like her family also she hasn’t harmed Mahira. Karan then thinks why I am protecting Preeta’s image, why I can’t hear anything against her.

Karan was going for practice early in the morning then Rakhi tells Mahira to withdraw complaint against Preeta. Kareena came and says today is a special day and I have organized a party in the evening. Mahira hugs Ramona and everyone wishes her birthday including Rakhi. Dadi tells Karan to sit and eat breakfaast. Looking at Karan, Mahira thinks that Karan is thinking somehing but what is he thinking. Karan thinks why I am acting so strange then Karan says I am leaving for practice. Dadi says I won’t let you without having breakfast then Karan takes an apple. Rishabh advices Karan to go and meet Preeta also be calm. Mahira thinks that thank God, Karan is going for Practice and not to meet Preeta.

Srishti was doing dusting then Sarla says why are you doing this to which Srishti responds that I want to sleep. Preeta starts sprinkling water on Srishti. Janki came and apologized to everyone for last night and she admits that it was her plan to do party with Biji because Preeta got bail. Preeta tells Janki that we will celebrate as you will make cake, Janki says I need team as I can’t make cake alone.Karan went to academy and there he meets his friend who asked him that Preeta is not coming to academy, Is everything alright between her and her husband. Karan says that they are coming very close as a matter of fact they are planning their second honeymoon.

Preeta says to Janki that I will help you in making cake, Srishti says I will put cherry’s on it, Sarla says even I can help to which Janki responds no because after helping you will say that you have done all the work. Sarla tells Srishti to go and take a bath. Sherlyn came to police station and she shows the edited video proof against Preeta to inspector. Sherlyn thinks now you will go to jail Preeta and I will see who will save you this time from going to jail. Karan comes to Luthra house to meet Preeta then he thinks what I am doing, I am going to Preeta’s house. Karan thinks no I will go as I am very angry with her and I will asks her why she tried to kill Mahira.

Preeta and Janki were making the cake and bell rings then Sarla says I will open the door. Sarla opens the door and Karan was there. Karan tries to touch Sarla’s feet but Sarla steps back. Karan and Preeta saw each other then Karan thinks oh so madam is wearing the same dupatta I gifted her nice. Sarla asks Karan why you came here, Karan says I came here to give fees of Preeta’s treatment she gave to Dadi. Sarla says I will bring pen then Preeta came and say hi to Karan. Preeta asks Karan why you didn’t call, Karan says I didn’t knew about your arrest. Karan thinks why I am lying. Preeta tells Karan its the same dupatta you gifted me, Karan says I know and you are looking good. Karan says there is wheat in your hair, Preeta says where then Karan touches her forehead and both of them got romantic seeing them Janki closes the kitchen window. Preeta says I will come from washroom after cleaning wheat.

Karan thinks that I came here to talk to Preeta then what I am doing here outside. Sherlyn tells Mahira that she got the video of Mahira pushing Preeta edited and now Preeta will go to jail. Mahira gets happy and says Sherlyn you’re superb. Sherlyn thinks that till the time everything is going according to my plan, everything is going to be good for me. Karan went to Preeta’s bedroom and she was cleaning her hair in the washroom. Water from Preeta’s hair falls on Karan then he makes a funny face. Preeta starts laughing and calls Karan cartoon. Karan chases Preeta and she got stuck under the shower. Karan puts her hands on Preeta’s waist and she gets romantic then Karan turns on the shower on her then Karan laughs at her.

Preeta grabs Karan and gets him under the shower. Both Karan and Preeta got wet and they were getting too much romantic under the shower. Preeta was about to fall but Karan saves her. Srishti came in the bedroom finding Preeta then she enters washroom and saw both Karan and Preeta in each others arms under shower. Srishti thinks wow romance is happening here, carry on guys, carry on and Srishti shuts the washroom door. Sarla came with pen and Srishti lies to her that Karan went to the roof. Srishti thinks that Karan and Preeta were looking like a lovely couple together.

Preeta gets away from Karan and leaves the shower after which Karan feet slips and he falls. Sarla hears the voice and says its Karan’s voice from Preeta’s room. Srishti stops Janki and Sarla from going inside. Preeta comes to help Karan and she helps him in getting up. Both Janki and Sarla enters the room and asks how did both of you got wet. Preeta tells Janki that Karan got hurt so bring turmeric paste for him. Ramona asks Kareena that should we cancel party today then Kareena says no we will not cancel the party because of Preeta.

Sherlyn came then Rishabh tells her that I want to talk to you. Kareena says what’s urgent, Rishabh says its personal and takes Sherlyn with him. Srishti lied to Sarla that I have thrown water on both Karan & Preeta and thats why I was stopping you from going inside. Srishti says they are wet so bring tea for them also cake. Sarla tells Preeta I will see then Karan says black coffee for me, Sarla says ok I will make it for you and leaves. Preeta applies turmeric paste on Karan’s forehead injuries and both of them got romantic again. Karan grabs Preeta’s hand and asks her why are you doing all this, Preeta says because you’re my husband.

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