Feb 23, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 25 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rakhi apologized to Sarla

Today Kundali Bhagya 25 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rakhi apologized to Sarla :- In the opening of tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Srishti and Preeta were enjoying tea then Srishti starts smiling, Preeta says whats going in your mind. Srishti says nothing di then Preeta twists Srishti’s ears after which Srishti says ok I will ask you. Srishti asks Preeta how did you have hope that Karan will believe you, Preeta says my heart is saying that too much. Srishti says I hope so but this Mahira shouldn’t have came between you and Karan sir. Mahira in the icu room calls Sherlyn and tells her that Preeta got bail because of Rishabh. Karan enters the room and Mahira changes her tone and says bye to Sherlyn. Sherlyn says that Rishabh truly got Preeta bailed out of jail, I can’t believe it.

Karan tells Mahira you’re looking better but what happened you seemed to be very angry. Mahira says its because my mom’s birthday is coming and I can’t attend it because of Preeta. Karan says don’t worry I am the Karan Luthra, I will get you discharged tomorrow, now its too late sleep and Karan leaves icu room. Mahira says if I can’t get Karan’s love then what but I am getting his sympathy and sometimes sympathy turns into love. Rakhi came into Rishabh’s room and she says can I come in, Rishabh says you don’t need to take permission mom.

Rakhi gets emotional talking about the way Kareena locked her. Rishabh says I won’t take Kareena bua’s side but I won’t take your side as well. Kareena asks Rishabh that I want to go to Sarla ji’s house then Rishabh says ok I will take you there. Rakhi says finally I am feeling that I have a identity in this house and I can do whatever I want. Sherlyn calls a professional video editor and tells him to edit the video of Mahira pushing Preeta in a way that it can be proven that Preeta pushed Maahira.

Ramona tells Kareena that I feel like I am causing problems between you and Rakhi. Kareena says no there is nothing like that as we are like a family and in a family small problems like this happens. Kareena says that bhabhi loves Preeta a lot and treats her like her daughter and I hate Preeta thats why we clash, this problem is from the beginning so don’t say sorry. Ramona says but Rakhi is angry with me thats why she has not wished me birthday as she wishes me a day before every year. Kareena says to Ramona to call me by my name then Ramona says you do the same as you’re in top of my friend list. Kareena says lets find bhabhi then both Kareena and Ramona leaves.

Janki was drunk and Sarla was scolding her as a funny argument was going on between them bell rings, Srishti opens the door and Rishabh was at the door. Srishti says Riishabh ji seems like you have came to save Janki aunty from mumma’s wrath, Rishabh says what happened any problem then Rakhi came and Srishti tells them to come inside. Preeta hugs Rakhi, Rakhi asks are you alright beta, Preeta says ji. Rakhi apologized to Sarla and Sarla says don’t apologize as your family members doesn’t want you to help me. Janki drinks the remaining alcohol in the glass. Sarla says if Preeta is out of jail today then its all because of Rishabh, thank you. Rakhi then came inside and apologized to Sarla on Kareena’s behalf by joining hands.

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