Feb 23, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 24 Jan 2020 Written Updates Mahira Finds About Preeta’s Bail

Today Kundali Bhagya 24 Jan 2020 Written Updates Mahira Finds About Preeta’s Bail :- In the starting of today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan was sitting alone and thinking about what Mahira told him that Preeta said to her to back out from this marriage as Preeta is already married to Karan and she will never break the relation. Karan then remembers the reaction of Preeta when he gave her dupatta’s. Karan says did Preeta actually said this that she will not break this marriage then Karan says no Preeta can’t do this. Karan runs outside the hospital. Outside the police station Janki asks Sarla why these cops have so much attitude then Sarla says because they have to work hard and they handle a lot of criminals. Srishti says but still when they arrest, they do it immediately but when they release then you need to do a lot of paperwork. Rishabh insists Sarla and others to sit in his car so he will drop them home. At last Sarla agreed, they all sit in his car and left for Arora house. While Arora’s were leaving with Rishabh, Karan reached police station but Preeta did not see him.

Karan asks Inspector that where is Preeta then Inspector says you cannot meet her. Karan says I am the Karan Luthra and I will not leave without releasing Preeta from here. Inspector tells Karan that your brother Rishabh got her bailed out and he went to drop them home.. Karan says good. Lawyer saw Karan and says I will call Rishabh and will tell him about this. Sammy offers water to Biji but she refused to drink it as she was waiting for Preeta then Preeta came with Rishabh and Biji gets happy seeing her back.

Biji thanked Rishabh then Rishabh says I did this for my family. Rishabh says now I have to leave, Srishti kissed Sammy on cheek and Janki saw this. Sammy got lost and Rishabh was calling him. Janki tells Sammy that Rishabh is calliig you then both Sammy and Rishabh left. Sammy and Rishabh comes back to Luthra house then Rishabh starts shouting calling Sherlyn. Kareena, Ramona and Rakhi came there, Kareena says why are you calling her then Rishabh says because she made a false complaint against Preeta.

Rishabh asks Rakhi what is happening here then Rakhi tells him that Sarla came here but I can’t do anything. Kareena says to Rishabh that I locked Rakhi in room. Rishabh tells Kareena and Ramona that I got Preeta bailed out of jail and she is at her home comfortably. Kareena says you made a big mistake. Kareena asks Sammy did you told Rishabh about this, Sammy says yes bua. Kareena says to Sammy how dare you. Rishabh tells Sammy to give lawyer his fees then Sammy says excuse me bua. Rishabh comes to Karan’s room and asked him did you knew about Preeta’s arrest then Karan says yes I knew about it but I did not believed it the first time but then after hearing Kareena bua, Mahira and Sherlyn I had to believe it.

Karan says I did not went to help Preeta in the police station then Rishabh says I know you went there as my lawyer was present there and he told me so don’t lie to me. Rishabh says to Karan go and help your wife, Karan says would be wife, Rishabh says no would be wife only wife and that is Preeta ji only one wife. Rishabh joins hands in front of Karan and tells him that get mature and get your mind in the right place then Rishabh leaves. Mahira called Karan then he picked phone and says I am coming. Preeta called Karan then Karan says why Preeta is calling me.

Preeta says why Karan is not picking my phone. Srishti came with tea and Preeta asks her that you told me in the police station that you talked to Karan but Rishabh ji told me that Karan is busy in work and he doesn’t know anything about my arrest. Srishti says that I lied because I thought that Karan sir won’t believe you again then Srishti apologized to Preeta for misunderstanding Karan. Rishabh in his room was thinking about the pain of Arora’s then he says we have changed a lot and there is a lot of negativity.

Karan comes to the icu to meet Mahira then Mahira tells him where did you went I had a lot of tension. Mahira says to Karan that I can do anything to become yours. Karan says that I will leave and ask doctor about your progress bye. Rishabh in his room says that I can’t explain to everyone anymore but I will help Arora’s and take their side. Mahira says in icu room that I know that you feel very uncomfortable when I talk about all this but soon you will get used to it. Mahira then says now a new love story of mine and Karan will begin, Preeta’s exit and Mahira’s entry. Karan enters icu room and tells Mahira that Preeta got bailed out of jail hearing which Mahira gets shocked then she asked who got her bailed out, Karan says Rishabh.

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