Feb 23, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 23 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rishabh Bailed Preeta Out

Today Kundali Bhagya 23 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rishabh Bailed Preeta Out :- Tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with, Srishti crying in front of Preeta then Preeta tries to calm her down. Srishti says I am sorry, Preeta asks did Karan even picked your phone. Sarla came with Janki, Preeta asks what happened maa, did Luthra’s agreed to release me. Kareena, Ramona and Sherlyn came in Rakhi’s room. Kareena says bhabhi I am sorry because I had to lock you then Ramona says that Rakhi I’m totally disappointed with you because you supported Arora’s. Sherlyn says mummy ji answer then Rakhi says you took a lot of time. If Mahesh ji was alright then no one would have dared to lock me like this. Kareena says I would’ve done the same even then. Rakhi says no and then leaves. Kareena says I don’t know what happened to bhabhi.

Mahira was eating fruits and she did drama that she’s in pain then asks Karan to feed her, Karan says sure. Kareena called Karan and he puts phone on speaker then Kareena tells him that Sarla Arora and she was ordering us to release Preeta but we throw her out, Karan says you did right bua. Rishabh called Karan and Karan didn’t picked his phone. Ramona asked Kareena that Karan said that you did right and nothing else, what did he meant by that. Kareena says he’s on our side I had only tension about him as he is unpredictable.

Ramona tells Kareena that Preeta is Mahira’s souten and she can harm her then Kareena says don’t worry I will handle her just like I handled her during Rishabh and Sherlyn marriage. Preeta asks Sarla when you went there, was Karan present there. Sarla says no Karan was not present there. Rishabh came in the police station and then Sarla hugs him and she cried. Rishabh says soon Preeta will come out as her bail is processing. Preeta asks did Karan not came then Rishabh says I will call him and ask him to come.

Sherlyn praises herself alone in front of the mirror then she says Preeta is her biggest enemy but she will sacrifice anything to stop her from coming to this house just like she sacrificed Punnu baby. Sherlyn further says that now I have to go to my mom’s house and today even everyone’s messiah Rishabh Luthra is not here to help anyone. Inspector came and asks Rishabh, Sarla & Srishti whats happening here, Is there a film going on. Lawyer came for Preeta’s bail. Inspector says to Rishabh that I thought that in your family that only your bother is a spoiled brat but you’re not less then him. Rishabh says we react as per the person in front of uss. Preeta comes out of jail and Srishti hugs her. Preeta hugs Sarla and Srishti hugs Rishabh. Sarla then hugged Rishabh and Preeta thanked him. Isnpector asks Preeta to sign papers and Preeta signed them.

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