Feb 19, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 22 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rishabh finds about Preeta’s arrest

Today Kundali Bhagya 22 Jan 2020 Written Updates Rishabh finds about Preeta’s arrest :- In the starting of tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi says I know Sarla ji that Preeta can’t do this then Sarla says that I knew Kareena and Sherlyn won’t believe me as they hate Preeta. Sarla joins hands in front of Dadi and tells her to get her daughter released. Ramona says who are you people supporting then Sarla says that they don’t believe in the fake tears of your daughter to which Ramona says shut up. I know that your daughter tried to kill my daaughter just because she wants to become the daughter-in-law of this house. Rakhi says what are you saying Ramona. Kareena gives Rakhi kasam of both her sons and tells her to go from there. Rakhi and Kareena leaves along with Sherlyn.

Sarla again begs in front of Dadi and then Dadi says that you might not know a lot of things Preeta did against this family. Sarla says I know my daughter very well and she has done nothing wrong. Ramona says stop begging and leave to which Sarla responds I am not talking to you and if you said anything against Preeta again then I promise I won’t spare you. Kareena brings Rakhi in other room and Sherlyn brings water. Rakhi says now you will tell me Kareena di what I should do and what I should not do. Kareena says when it comes to this family then I will tell you. Kareena locks Rakhi in the room.

Sammy had cracked a deal and he called Srishti to tell her the good news but Srishti starts scolding him. Srishti was crying and Sammy says what happened tell me then Srishti tells Sammy that Preeta got arrested in attempt to murder charge. Srishti explained Sammy about everything that has happened. Sammy says don’t worry I wll do something. Ramona tells Sarla that you poor silly woman, You are telling me that you will not spare me, Do you even know who you’re talking to.

Sarla says I came here only for my daughter and I am not interested in knowing you. Ramona tells Dadi that Aunty ji look at how this woman is talking to me and you are not saying anything. Dadi says I don’t want to talk anything about it Sarla. Sarla says Preeta came to this house just for you as she can’t seen you in pain. Kareena and Sherlyn came, Kareena says you’re a good actress Sarla then Sherlyn says that you and your daughter find ways to enter Luthra house.

Sarla tells Sherlyn that I know your truth very well. Ramona says again oh shut and leave this place. Sarla says you shut up and if you said one more word I won’t spare you. Sarla tells Sherlyn that the mask you are wearing these Luthra’s can become fool by it but I don’t. Kareena says you can’t talk to our daughter-in-law like this. Sarla says I forgot that in this family daughter-in-laws gets respected and if you truly do that then you would have given that status to Preeta.

Ramona says this woman is shouting here since a long time and we’re listening her. Kareena tells Sarla to get out then Sherlyn says I will throw her out. Sarla says don’t you dare touch me. Kareena says I will call the police. Janki came and says ok call police. Sarla says to Janki that these people don’t have heart. Sarla tells Ramona that its a mothers promise that I will get my daughter out of jail. Sarla leaves Luthra house with Janki. Sammy tried to call Karan but it was not connecting then Rishabh calls Sammy and Sammy tells Rishabh about Preeta’s arrest. Rishabh says I am coming. Srishti prays to God to do some miracle and get her sister out of jail.

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