Feb 23, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 21 Jan 2020 Written Updates Srishti lied to Preeta

Today Kundali Bhagya 21 Jan 2020 Written Updates Srishti lied to Preeta :- In the starting of today’s episode, Kareena tells Karan that doctor said we have to keep Mahira here for 2 more days. Ramona felt unconscious and Rakhi helped her in getting up after which Ramona says I forgot my BP medicine at home. Kareena says Karan we’ll take Ramona home and you take care of Mahira after this Kareena calls Sherlyn and tells her to meet them in the parking. Preeta tells Srishti to call Karan and tell him that maa is coming to Luthra house so he’ll manage everything and she also tells him to tell Karan that I am innocent. Janki says you have treated Karan’s dadi Preeta so he will surely help also Srishti said di you saved their whole family so Karan sir definitely has a soft corner for you. Karan in the corridor of hospital was thinking about what Mahira told him about Preeta then he saw Srishti calling him but he didn’t picked up.

Karan enters icu room and Mahira was there then Mahira says to Karan that the main reason of my condition is because I love you but I don’t care. Karan says I am sorry Srishti again calls Karan seeing this Mahira says who’s calling Karan says Srishti then Mahira says pick up as his sister might need you thats why she’s calling and Karan disconnects the call. Mahira says thank you to Karan and says this means a lot as I thought Preeta will come between us. Karan says to Mahira don’t worry I will make everything alright.

Srishti says why Karan didn’t picked up the call then Janki says because he didn’t want to help us. Srishti says I will tell Preeta about this. Srishti lied to Preeta saying that I have talked to Karan sir and he said that he will soon come to help us as currently he’s in Bengaluru hearing this Preeta gets happy. Srishti made drama that something gets in her eye and leaves after this Janki follows her.

Biji calls Sarla after this Sarla tells her that she is going to Luthra house as its the only option. Biji tells Sarla to bring her granddaughter somehow. Srishti was crying in the police station and Janki came there. Srishti tells Janki that she lied to di for the first time as Preeta has a lot of hope in her eyes that Karan sir will come and help her. Janki says I will go to Luthra house and I will tell them to take back case. Janki leaves telling Srishti to take care of your di.

Sherlyn gives medicine to Dadi and seeing this Rakhi scolds her as Sherlyn gave medicine in strip. Rakhi then says I didn’t meant it Sherlyn as I was tensed. Kareena says I can understand bhabhi you’re tensed about Mahira. Rakhi says yes but there is something else as I don’t think Preeta can take someones life. Ramona says seriously Rakhi after all this you’re taking Preeta’s side and thinking about her. Bell rings and Ramona says I will open the door as it might be Mahira.

Kareena tells Rakhi that Ramona is your best friend and her daughter Mahira is in hospital so you should support your best friend and not Preeta. Ramona opens the door and she gets shocked seeing Sarla. Sarla came inside and everyone gets stunned seeing her. Rakhi tells Sarla to sit and Kareena says Sarla Arora you might’ve came here by mistake. Sarla says no Kareena ji I came her by choice after this Kareena reminds Sarla about her promise that she or her daughters will never enter this house. Sarla gets emotional in front of Dadi as how Preeta came to treat her after Karan called her. Sherlyn says I am the eye witness and your daughter Preeta pushed Mahira. Sarla says shut up then Kareena says why should she as seems like you have forgot that you’re in our house right now and Sherlyn is a part of our family. Rakhi tries to support Sarla then Kareena says bhabhi your so called daughter has committed a big crime as she tried to kill our future daughter-in-law.

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