Apr 4, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 19 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta beats Bappi

Today Kundali Bhagya 19 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta beats Bappi :- The Wednesday 19 February 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Sarla crying in front of Biji and Janki that she failed to save Preeta from going to jail, Sarla says that she is not a good mother then Biji tells her that no you’re a good mother. Sarla tells Biji that if she was a good mother then Preeta would’ve been out of jail then Biji says its just a bad phase of life. Janki tells Sarla that God will do some miracle and Preeta will come back to us, Sarla says I don’t believe God, We have believed Karan but he cheated us then and I can’t believe anyone. Sarla further says Preeta is alone in jail and she can’t share her feelings with anyone. Bappi and his goons at the garage tied Karan to a chair with a rope and Preeta says leave him, Karan says you are the same person who did accident that day, Preeta screams, Bappi says that shut up otherwise I will finish my work just like I got contract to do your accident and this time I will kill you with a knife. Bappi orders the goons to tie Preeta as well but they say that there is only one rope then he tells them to tie her with Karan.

Gonns started tying Preeta with Karan and one goon delivers a dialogue of Gabbar from Sholay then Karan says do you watch a lot of movies then, goon said yes, Karan says watch cricket, goon says I watch movies, cricket and I like dancing and music a lot. Karan asked goon his name he says Yashodan Rana then Bappi tells Yashodan that Karan is making a fool out of you. Bappi takes Yashodan to a side and tells him that if you took Karan’s side then you will become my enemy and my enmity will cost you a lot.

Srishti and Sammy came to Jaggy Da Dhaba and people were standing there discussing about the recent evets, Srishti asked did something happened here then one person said yes then he said that famous cricketer Karan Luthra came here and he took selfies with some people then he chased our daily customer Bappi. Srishti tells Sammy that Bappi is the same person who did the accident then Srishti asked the person where will we find Bappi, he said that his brother garage is nearby and you will find him there. The person asked but why you’re asking this then Srishti says because he is getting the award for best truck driver. Sammy asked Srishti why you were talking to him like that then Srishti says because Bappi is their daily customer so I lied because someone could’ve informed him.

Karan and Preeta had a funny argument as they were pushing each other while being tied by the same rope together then Karan tells goons to bring other rope and tie us separately hearing this Bappi says don’t try to confuse us then Karan says hey Lehri I mean Bappi then Bappi orders his goons to put the tape on their mouths. Preeta says no I get suffocation because of this why you speaking this much Karan. Goons puts tape on both Preeta and Karan’s mouths.

Bappi calls Sherlyn and tells her that I have a very good news for you as I have captured that boy and the girl. Sherlyn says tells me straight what you’re talking about then Bappi sends Sherlyn a photo of Karan and Preeta on mobile and she gets shocked seeing them. Sherlyn tells Bappi to kill Preeta only and she will give double money to Bappi for that. Bappi tells his goons that we will get double money to kill the girl so bring her.

Goons untied Preeta and she says to untie Karan too then Preeta kicks them and grabs a rod then she tells them to untie Karan. Goons untied Karan but Bappi captures Preeta then Karan throws an object on Bappi’s head and he fights him but at one point Bappi was dominating Karan then Preeta came to rescue and hits Bappi from behind and Karan defeats him. Inspector came back to police station and asks constable did Preeta Arora came back, constable says no then Inspector says I knew it as she was finding an opportunity to escape then Inspector calls the lady constable and she lied that Preeta is with her beause she wanted Preeta to be safe. Preeta was scared that Bappi might have died then Karan tells her to check his pulse and while Preeta was checking the pulse one of the goons tried to attack her but Karan makes the save then Sammy and Srishti came and beats the goon.

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