Feb 23, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 18 Jan 2020 Written Updates Police arrests Preeta

Today Kundali Bhagya 18 Jan 2020 Written Updates Police arrests Preeta :- In the starting of tonight’s episode Preeta tells Mahira that Sherlyn thinks I have pushed you and tried to kill you then Mahira says but nothing like this happened. Preeta says exactly so tell police the same I will call them. Mahira gets up takes off her oxygen mask and lies on the floor. Mahira screams mom help me and Preeta says what are you doing. Ramona, Kareena, Srishti and Sherlyn came inside and they say what happened Mahira. Mahira says Preeta tried to kill me again by choking me. She further adds that Preeta pushed her on the road. Srishti says stop talking rubbish. Sherlyn says Mahira is telling the truth as I have told you inspector that Preeta wants to kill her but you did not listented to me.

Mahira says Preeta wants to get Karan and wants to harm him but I will protect him. Preeta says stop lying Mahira then Inspector says its enough and tells lady constable to arrest Preeta. Preeta says don’t arrest me I have a mother, a dadi and they will feel bad. Preeta tells Kareena that you felt bad that I came to Luthra house I assure you that I will never come there again and I have nothing to do with Karan. Doctor came and says what’s happening here. Why so much noise then he says my patient is on the floor seeing him Mahira acts getting unconscious again. Doctor says she got unconscious again. Srishti pleads in front of Inspector again that all this is a conspiracy by Mahira and Sherlyn against my Di. Sherlyn says shut up have you not listened to what Mahira said and I am saying this again that I saw Preeta pushing Mahira with my eyes.

Inspector takes Preeta with him. Everyone leaves the icu room except Sherlyn. Mahira opens eyes then Sherlyn says have you seen the reward you get by joining me now Preeta will get out of your life forever. At Luthra house, Rakhi says that I am very concerned about Mahira. I haven’t went there because mummy ji is in pain. Karan says I am calling Preeta for Dadi’s treatment. Dadi tells Karan not to call her as I don’t need her. Karan says what no I am calling Preeta. Dadi says no don’t call. Karan says did something happened behind me. Rakhi says I will tell you later about it but please go with me to hospital now. Both Karan and Rakhi leaves for hospital.

Police was taking Preeta to the police station and Srishti was trying to stop them. Ramona says take her Inspector and lock her up. Srishti says my Di will come soon and you will get a jolt. Kareena says I will make sure that you sister will never come out. Srishti says huh you’ll stop my Di from coming out. Sherlyn says it was my good luck that now Preeta is going to jail. Now I have to handle the Karan Luthra so he can’t take Preeta’s side. Sherlyn tells Mahira that I have never thought that you’ll do something like this. Your final touch was the cherry on top. Mahira says I am more smart then you and hearing this Sherlyn thinks that Mahira is very overconfident. Sherlyn goes out saying that I am bringing your mom and Kareena inside so continue with you acting.

Mahira alone says that I am very smart and from now on I will make my own plans. I will make sure that Preeta will stay in jail for a long time till I and Karan got married. When Preeta comes out of Jail I will be known as Mrs Karan Luthra. Srishti tries to stop the police then Preeta says don’t argue Srishti. Karan and Rakhi came but they did not saw Preeta as she was in the jeep. Srishti takes auto and tells him to follow police jeep. Ramona says to Mahira that you have not got married to Karan yet and see whats happening. Sherlyn thinks that Ramona is doing my work as she connected everything with Karan.

Karan calls Kareena and asks her where is Mahiira then Kareena tells that she’s in the icu. Mahira says mom I will face any hurdle for Karan. Rakhi and Karan came inside the icu and Mahira tells them that Preeta pushed her towards the truck. Karan says what. Sherlyn thinks fantastic now a new drama will start in everyone’s life. Srishti calls at Arora house and Biji picks up. Biji puts phone on speaker and Srishti was crying. Srishtii tells everyone that police took Preeta to police station as Sherlyn and Mahira falsely framed her. Sarla says I am coming to police station. Sarla and Janki went to the police station. Karan tells Mahira that I think you had a misunderstanding Preeta can’t do somethiing like this. Seems like you watch a lot of crime shows now a days. Sherlyn says Karan, Mahira is telling the truth as Preeta pushed Mahira.

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