Apr 4, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 18 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta gets captured

Today Kundali Bhagya 18 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta gets captured :- Today 18 February 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Bappi running to the truck and telling the fellow driver to get away asap. Karan and Preeta follows them in the car. Rakhi tells Mahira and Sherlyn that the former commissioner of this area was a good friend of Mahesh ji and he will help in capturing the goons. Rakhi further says that they were the enemies of Preeta and the enemies of Preeta are the enemies of this family hearing this Sherlyn, Mahira, Ramona and Kareena gets shocked. Mahira gets teary eyed then hugs Rakhi thanking her. Mahira thinks that she needs to get in good books of Rakhi and she says that she felt that Preeta pushed her but it seems you and Karan are right as Preeta haven’t done it. Rakhi thinks that she needs to tell Sarla ji that everyone in this family is with Preeta. Kareena says thank God that goons kidnapped Mahira and she hasn’t reached court to speak in favor of Preeta.

Karan and Preeta were still chasing Bappi in the car but Bappi managed to get away, After some searching Preeta saw the truck in a garage. Rakhi calls Arora house and Janki picks the phone, Rakhi says that I know Sarla ji is very angry right now but my son Karan is not wrong and neither Mahira. Rakhi further says Preeta is her daughter and both Karan and Preeta are right in their own place. Sarla picks the phone and says I don’t want to say anything bad to you which I get ashamed of later. Rakhi says Karan went to save Mahira from kidnappers then Sarla says I know it was all a plan of Karan and Mahira, Sarla puts the phone down.

Bappi tells the fellow drivers that its the same girl he got contract to hit during accident but by mistake some other girl got hit. Karan and Preeta were about to enter the garage then Bappi says its our area so let them enter. Karan and Preeta gets captured by the truck driver goons. Srishti was crying on the road and Sammy came in the car, Srishti hugs Sammy and tells him that she is running on the road since a long time and her phone battery got dead. Sammy thinks that she looks good while crying atleast she talks nice then Srishti says don’t think that the lioness in me is dead and don’t make fun of me. Srishti tells Sammy that Preeta is waiting for them on the new link road then Sammy starts the car and they went to help Preeta.

Sherlyn brings champagne for Mahira to celebrate then Mahira says only one glass, Sherlyn puts her hand on her belly and says I can’t drink, you know the reason why. Sherlyn says that we always misled Preeta and now nobody can save her as the case can’t be withdrawn because the court has written its decision. Both Sherlyn and Mahira hugs each other, Kritika saw them and thinks Mahira and Sherlyn that much close, I know that Sherlyn is not a good girl then how can Mahira be a good wife for Karan. Biji tells Sarla that its all her fault that she trusted Karan again then Sarla cries on failing to save Preeta from going to jail.

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