Apr 4, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 17 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta reaches Dhaba

Today Kundali Bhagya 17 Feb 2020 Written Updates Karan Preeta reaches Dhaba :- The Monday 17 February 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Preeta asking Karan that it seems like all these baloons, decorations and teddy bear in the car belongs to the owners of this car then Karan says I bought the flowers. Both Karan and Preeta looked at each other romatically then Karan says the flower vendor needed money so I bought all the flowers and gave him the money. Preeta asks Karan that if there was any other girl with you then would you have given her the flowers as well then Karan responds no I would have bought the flowers but not give it to the girl hearing this Preeta blushes. Srishti was going in auto to the dhaba but in the middle of the road it stopped and Srishti asked what happened then driver says there is some problem in the auto, Srishti gets down and says now she needs to run on feet to reach Preeta.

Rishabh tells Sameer that I am shocked that Karan didn’t reacted even after getting insulted in court then Sameer says that both Sarla aunty and Srishti said a lot of bad things to Karan. Rishabh tells Sammy to understand their situation as well as they have got cheated by Karan before when he left Preeta in the middle of road after marrying her also he promised them that he will save Preeta this time but failed. Rishabh further says that now nothing can happen as tomorrow court will give their decision and we know its going to be against Preeta. Sameer says but Sarla aunty slapped Karan a lot then Rishabh says I know and I am shocked that he didn’t reacted after this as seems like he is getting mature which is a great thing. Rishabh thinks that Mahira was saying that someone kidnapped her as someone didn’t wanted her to reach court and speak in favour of Preeta but who is this enemy of Preeta.

Sherlyn tells Mahira that I always used to think that I am the biggest enemy of Preeta but you are the bigger one then Mahira asks Sherlyn that who is the real father of your child. Sherlyn says its none of your concern and don’t ever interfere in my life. Mahira says your situation is different Sherlyn as you are pregnant so you will get caught some day but I am just acting so I will never get caught. Kareena says who will not get caught as she came with Ramona and Rakhi, Mahira responds I was telling Sherlyn that those goons who kidnapped me were very smart so they might never get caught. Rakhi says that the goons will surely get caught and will get punished for their crime for sure hearing this both Mahira and Sherlyn gets shocked.

Preeta got hurt by a little thorn in the roses then Karan says don’t you blame me for this as you might say I have given you roses with thorn as everyone blames me for everything just like you blamed me for empty petrol tank of bike and your mother slapped me because I didn’t reached with Mahira in time to court. Preeta says that my mother slapped you then she puts her hand on Karan’s cheek where Sarla slapped him. Preeta says but its your fault that the Petrol tank was empty then in anger Karan stopped car and both Preeta and Karan gets down. Karan then realised that he needs to reach dhaba in time and gets back in car saying sorry to Preeta after this Preeta says thank you to Karan.

Karan and Preeta reaches Jaggy Da Dhaba and truck driver Bappi was also present there then Karan says that I will go in the dhaba alone as the truck driver knows you so he will get alert. Preeta says but you haven’t seen his face then Karan says I will go and click selfies will everyone in dhaba and will show you the pictures. Karan went in the dhaba and clicked selfies with Bappi and other truck drivers then he gets back in the car. Bappi says that he is not looking good in the group selfie with Karan then he gets to Karan’s car and asked him for another selfie. Both Preeta and Bappi gets shocked seeing each other.

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