Apr 1, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 13 Feb 2020 Written Updates Sherlyn instigates Sarla

Today Kundali Bhagya 13 Feb 2020 Written Updates Sherlyn instigates Sarla :- Today Thursday 13 February 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Sarla telling Sherlyn to shut up and not to tell her for how long her daughter will go to jail. Sherlyn stops Sarla by grabbing her hand and says aunty what’s your problem you always keep shouting on me, I am not that bad and I have some good qualities. Sherlyn further says that there is someone even more bad then me and its Karan. Sarla says I won’t believe you Sherlyn as you are telling a lie then Sherlyn says to Sarla it was all Karan and Mahira’s planning and Karan doesn’t want Preeta to come out of jail. Sarla says no you are lying then Sherlyn says Karan went with Mahira on a romantic lunch date when you and Preeta were waiting for him in the court as they both love each other. Sarla says Karan can’t do this then Sherlyn says its the same Karan who left your daughter in the middle of road after marrying her, he will break your trust again and its your mistake not Karan’s as you always trust him. Sherlyn advices Sarla to tell Preeta to break all relations with Karan as he will always support Mahira because she is his childhood love.

Police and constables were taking Preeta back to the jail and Karan follows them shouting Preeta’s name. Inspector says you can’t talk here then Karan tells Preeta I tried my level best but failed to do anything. Preeta sits in police jeep and Karan tells her I failed but I tried then Preeta says I know and I understand. Karan says I am sorry then screams. Mahira starts doing her losing conscious drama again and Karan came. Rishabh asks Karan who kidnapped Mahira then Mahira hugs Karan says I am sorry Karan, I wanted to save Preeta and speak in favor of her.

Kareena tells Rishabh to bring car so we can take Mahira home. Sarla saw Mahira hugging Karan then Sherlyn instigates her that I told you that Karan loves Mahira and they are hugging like a cute lovey dovey couple. Sarla gets up and starts slapping Karan then Rakhi says don’t beat my son, Kareena shouts how dare you. Karan says nobody will interfere as its her right. Sarla asks Karan why you cheated us as you promised Preeta that you will save her and even you promised me.

Sarla tells Karan that Preeta’s life got ruined and she will get punished just because of you, why you cheated us tell, You cheated us again as last time you promised me that you will take care of her then you left her in the middle of the road. Sarla further says that its our fault that we believed you, I see truth in your eyes everytime, its my mistake and my daughters mistake that we trust you.

Ramona says stop it Sarla and I will not hear one more word against Karan then Karan says that I have already said nobody will interfere. Karan tells Sarla believe me I haven’t cheated then Sarla says shed these crocodile tears in front of someone else, I don’t believe you anymore. Karan tells Sarla that Mahira got kidnapped but he failed to reach back to court in time. Mahira says Karan is telling the truth, Sarla says you both are lying.

Sarla was about to curse the whole Luthra family but in time Rakhi stops her joining hands telling her please don’t curse for my sake. Sarla says ok I will not curse you but now God will punish Karan for every single tear of my daughter. Dadi tells everyone to leave and then the whole Luthra family leaves the court.

Srishti came and asks Sarla what happened maa and why are you crying. Sarla says he cheated us. In the jeep going back to the jail Preeta was crying and thinking about some past moments with Karan. Police jeep got stuck in traffic as road ahead was damaged. Inspector tells constable to clear traffic and tells Preeta to stop crying as you will go to jail for atleast 10 years.

Traffic got cleared and Preeta left in the jeep. Srishti asked Sarla who cheated us then Sarla says Karan. Srishti says Karan can’t cheat us then Sarla says he loves Mahira thats why he cheated us. Srishti asks Sarla who told you this then Sarla says Sherlyn, Srishti says you’re believing that vamp, Sarla responds she is telling the truth as he even left Preeta in the middle of road after marrying her. Both Sarla and Srishti cries together in court.

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