Apr 1, 2020

Today Kundali Bhagya 1 Feb 2020 Written Updates Dadi Scolds Rishabh and Karan

Today Kundali Bhagya 1 Feb 2020 Written Updates Dadi Scolds Rishabh and Karan :- In the beginning of Saturday 1 February 2020 episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan tells Preeta that all of us are with you then Preeta asks what about you, Karan answers dumbo us also includes me. Karan tells Preeta, I’m with you, Preeta says just for this situation then Karan responds you know why I said this. Sherlyn was going to leave the Luthra house then Mahira stops her and says why’re you leaving because if you’re leaving for what Rishabh said then its stupid. Sherlyn says to Mahira that only you understand that I was acting and doing drama now but if I would have given the mobile to Rishabh then he could’ve seen the original video of you pushing Preeta. Mahira gets shocked then Sherlyn says I have deleted the original video and you can even check. Sherlyn thinks that I still have that video in my phone and I will never delete me as its my biggest weapon to control Mahira. Mahira starts checking Sherlyn’s phone and Sherlyn gets nervous but just then Mahira receives a call from her mom. Sherlyn takes her phone from Mahira and tells her to go and meet mom after which Sherlyn leaves Luthra house in her car.

Karan comes out of police station while Preeta was sitting alone in the jail and they both were thinking about the moments they have spent with each other. Karan sits down in his car and leaves thinking about Preeta and smiling. Preeta says thanks to God for showing Karan the right path, Preeta says today Karan supported her and once she will come out of jail, Preeta will clear all misunderstandings with Karan. Sherlyn comes to her moms house and her mother asks her why you came here late at night with bags. Sherlyn starts doing her drama that Rishabh compared her to Preeta then Sherlyn’s mom tells her that don’t do this drama in front of me and tell me the real story. Sherlyn tells her mother about everything and says its her plan to divert Rishabh’s attention. Sherlyn orders her mom to arrange food for her and says Rishabh will get scolded and I will eat food.

Rishasbh asks Mahira where is Sherlyn then Mahira says that she left the house as she was very hurt. Kritika came and tells Rishabh that mom is calling you and Rishabh left with her. Mahira says where is Karan, I can’t seen him anywhere. All the Luthra ladies were present in the room and Dadi asks Rishabh whats happening. Rishabh tells Sammy to leave the room and Sammy says all the best bhai. Rishabh tells Kritika to leave too then Dadi tells her to stop. Dadi tells Rishabh that I am the most elder person in the house and you have to do what I say, Dadi tells Rishabh to call Karan as well, Rishabh says but Karan is not here then Kareena says but where is Karan.

Karan comes back to Luthra house and says where is everyone then Karan asks Mahira where is everyone and she says they are in room scolding Rishabh, Karan leaves. Rishabh tells Dadi that Karan went to meet a loved one then Rishabh says Karan treats his friends like his loved ones. Kareena says ok now listen carefully what Dadi is about to say then Dadi says that you did wrong to Sherlyn, Karan came and says that he has not done anything wrong. Rishabh tells Karan to keep quiet. Dadi says Rishabh and Karan both of you have hurt Sherlyn, Dadi tells Rishabh to go to Sherlyn’s house and apologize to her and bring her back home.

Sarla, Srishti and Janki visits Preeta in jail and they all hug each other. Janki says to Preeta that we’ve two breaking news first is that Srishti has made all the roti’s and she has made maps of different countries. Janki and Srishti had a funny argument and Sarla stop them. Srishti tells Preeta that we have hired a very nice lawyer to fight your case, Preeta says I don’t think that we need this lawyer. Preeta tells Sarla that Karan came back to meet her and Preeta says she thinks that he will clear all the allegations on her and get her clean chit. Sarla says I hope your wish comes true.

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