Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 8 July 2016 Written Updates Nikhil Tanu Fight Alia Watches

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 8 July 2016 Written Updates Nikhil Tanu Fight Alia Watches :- Pragya went to Abhi room but she saw a dream where he was scolding her for showing fake DNA reports and proving her child illegitimate she steps back thinking that its not the right time to talk. Abhi on the other hand is confused about who is saying truth and who is lying as things have gone very twisted for him.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 615 Written Updates

Pragya went to Sheela house and confronts her about why she did all this what made her lie in front of Abhi how much money she get for doing all this She said stop Pragya don’t say all this go from here but Pragya tells her that I will not go till the time you will tell me the actual reason.

Sheela said that her daughter Pari got kidnapped by them when she was at school and after that she received a call where they told her speak as they instructed her otherwise they will kill her daughter. Pragya consoles Sheela and assures her that She will save her daughter Pari.

Alia, Nikhil and Tanu were celebrating at the hotel room suddenly Tanu made a comment that Nikhil doesn’t deserve to become anyone’s husband he said the same for her and told her that you don’t even deserve to be called a woman. Alia gets annoyed watching all this

Tanu went to Abhi room and says that Pragya called your child illegitimate you should scold her now he tells her to go away Tanu gets shocked hearing this.

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