Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Pragya Proposes Abhi in Jail

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Pragya Proposes Abhi in Jail :- Police came to arrest Pragya after Alia accuses her of doing fraud as all the proofs were against her so even all the efforts of Abhi to save her failed and they took her to Jail. Purab gets extremely angry seeing all this he confronted Alia that I will never forgive you for doing this Alia says these kind of cheap girls can go to any extent for the sake of money Purab was about to slap Alia in anger but Abhi stopped him holding his hand.


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Abhi tells Purab that you cannot slap my sister only because of a secretary Purab replied saying that Abhi she is not only your secretary but your then he stopped take a pause and says no. 1 fan as well he says I know but what you are doing is not done. In the Jail Pragya was thinking that today Abhi put sindoor in my maang and also he puts Mehandi on my hands but on the same day I got arrested why are you doing this to me God.

In their bedroom Alia and Tanu were celebrating on the success of their plan and Pragya get arrested they were making other evil plans and both Indu Daasi and Dadi were listening to their conversation from outside. Abhi in his room is getting too much tensed as he was thinking only about Pragya he was having memories about wonderful time Nikita and he has spent together.

Later Abhi went to meet Pragya in Jail he says why you did this to me she replied I have not done this trust me then Pragya tells Abhi I Love You and he gets shocked she says I don’t want you to love me in return but trust me Abhi says I love you too as you are my second love after music she gets too much happy hearing this Abhi releases her from Jail lady cops stopped her it turned out that it was all Pragya’s dream.

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