Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 4th August 2016 Written Updates Abhi Lost Memory

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 4th August 2016 Written Updates Abhi Lost Memory :- Abhi calls Pragya for one last time he tells her that they are going to be separated forever after which his car falls off the cliff he says I Love You Fuggi. Nikhil informs Alia that in place of Pragya his brother was driving the car she says that you’re responsible for the death of my Bhai don’t come in front of me again otherwise I will kill you.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 638 Written Updates

Purab searches for Abhi while Pragya is in the car with the lady who is helping her and taking her where Abhi had fallen. Pragya says he shouldn’t have gone and cries. She recalls his letter and tells herself that nothing will happen to him lady sees smoke coming out and tells Pragya. She asks her to stop the car and gets down after which Pragya goes with the lady inside the jungle in search of Abhi and says I am coming.

Pragya comes near the car Lady says I can’t let you go near the car as it can burst anytime but Pragya pleads with her to let her go, as Abhi is alone and folds her hands. Lady also cries and asks her to understand she says I can’t leave him in this condition, let me go. Lady says I won’t let you go alone, I will also come with you. They go near the car. Pragya opens the window and don’t find him. She shouts where are you?

Finally Pragya sees Abhi unconsciously lying she gets shocked takes him to hospital where doctors checks him and told her that he is dead. Pragya tries his best to get him back she shots a injection in his heart and he starts breathing again doctors says he’s alright now but suffers a memory loss.

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