Apr 4, 2020

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 25th August 2016 Written Updates Abhi Lifts Pragya in his Arms

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 25th August 2016 Written Updates Abhi Lifts Pragya in his Arms :- Alia tells Purab that whatever you’re doing is wrong as you are putting Abhi’s life in danger to which he replied that you are ruining his reputation in the market in a way you are destroying him. Tanu says to Alia when I will be able to meet Abhi again she says soon but its not the right time for you to come in front of him.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 653 Written Updates

Abhi is sleeping and says fuggi. He gets up and thinks why did I say fuggi while sleeping. He thinks something is strange, and if this goes on then everything think me mad. He then washes his face and looks at himself in the mirror. He talks to his mirror image, and asks him to think about music….He thinks fuggi is a catchy word and decides to use in a song. He makes a song…oh my fuggi meri cookie…He thinks to sleep and get the lyrics for the song.

Saira asks Pragya to give 200-300 Rs. to Harry to buy energy drinks. She says I am really tensed…Pragya asks what happened? Saira says Abhi is showing tantrums and asked me to get positive energy. Pragya says I will solve his problem. Saira says do you have magical lamp. Pragya says no, and goes to kitchen. She brings coffee and asks Harry to give it to him. Saira says he asked for energy drink. Pragya asks her to believe and says Abhi will not ask anything after talking coffee. Saira says are you sure and takes coffee for him.

Abhi is preparing to sing…and talks to music director..Saira comes there. Abhi asks her to close the door. He asks her from where she called the music director, and asks for energy drink. Saira asks him to have coffee till energy drink comes. Abhi takes a sip and asks who made this coffee. Saira thinks his mood is upset and says receptionist made this coffee……Abhi goes to reception. Pragya asks do you need anything. He asks Pragya….who are you she gets tensed and then he compliments her.

The office hours got over Pragya was on her way back home she was trying to find an auto then she finds that it was auto strike today Abhi offers her a lift she refuses suddenly she fell down her feet got inured Abhi lifts her in his arms and drops her to her way back home.

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