Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 25 July 2016 Written Updates Abhi Tells Pragya Shut Up

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 25 July 2016 Written Updates Abhi Tells Pragya Shut Up :- Pragya went back to her home and seeing this Tanu gets very happy as her dream finally came true she informs Nikhil and Alia about this after which went to celebrate the victory with them. Dadi decides to teach Abhi a big lesson for this as he made a huge mistake.


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Dadi comes to Abhi who was crying already, she pours her anger over Abhi to make Pragya leave the house. She asks Abhi why he did this. Thereafter Dadi announces her decision, if he thinks Pragya must not live with him then she also doesn’t want to live with him. She hasn’t broken her relations with Pragya, she will live with Pragya.

Abhi says alright, no one needs to leave the house but he must. He will be broken here, and heads to leave. Dadi stops him. Abhi shouts why he can’t leave, his love left him, his sister left too; now she is also leaving. He hurries outside.

Pragya comes at Nikhil’s house and slaps Tanu hard and demands if Tanu was going to take care of Abhi and support him. If this is the care she is doing for him. Is she celebrating with them both, she calls herself an idiot and consider them as worse than animals. She has now understood well that she has to stay with Abhi. Tanu asks how Pragya will prove herself to Abhi, Pragya shows them the proof in her mobile and runs away with it.

Pragya recalls playing with Abhi once, he deterred to go to a place where he only go he is very angry. She thinks she know where he is and is coming to him. After reaching the place Pragya thanks Abhi for giving her a chance. She wanted to tell him the whole truth about Tanu, Nikhil and dead child but Abhi tells her to stay shut up.

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