Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 18 July 2016 Written Updates Pragya Escapes From Kidnappers

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 18 July 2016 Written Updates Pragya Escapes From Kidnappers :- After getting emotionally blackmailed by Tanu Abhi finally signs the divorce papers seeing which she gets very happy and hugs him as her evil plans gets successful. Dadi went to Sarla Maa house from where she finds from Rockstar Dadi that Pragya has been kidnapped by Nikhil & Tanu and they threatened them that if they did not get papers signed then they will kill their daughter.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 623 Written Updates

Dadi comes back to Mehra Mansion Purab tries to talk to her but straightaway she went to Tanu’s room and slapped her hard. Dadi says that my daughter-in-law Pragya did a lot for you till date she was the one who get your here for the sake of your child.

But you’re trying to kill her in return. Tanu gets shocked knowing that Dadi knows that she was behind Pragya’s kidnapping. Dadi further reveals how she was the one who is behind Pragya’s new avatar and tells Tanu that she is confident her grandson Abhi will never sign those papers.

Tanu shows signed Divorce papers to Dadi she gets shocked. Nikhil went to meet Pragya with chocolates and tells her that Abhi has signed the papers at last she gets very sad hearing this. Finally Pragya manages to escape from kiddnappers custody with Pari.

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