Jun 1, 2020

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Nikhil hits Abhi From Behind

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Nikhil hits Abhi From Behind :- Abhi finally meet Pragya at the temple he tells her that he wants her back in his life as he has promised to his Dadi she refuses and says go away I forgive you but don’t do this now otherwise I have to file a defermation case against you suddenly goons hired by Nikhil came and puts Pragya in their car Sarla witnessed all this happening in front of her eyes and accuses Abhi for that.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 714 Written Updates

Jagga call Nikhil and tell that they couldn’t kill her, but instead kidnapped her. Nikhil asks him to reach the godown and says I will kill her. Pragya hears them and thinks if boss is Aaliya and Tanu. Nikhil thinks God is giving him a chance to kill her, she will get mukti and I will get revenge.

Abhi searches for the goons’ car. Sarla reaches there and tells about Pragya’s kidnapping. She tells that Tanu and Aaliya got Pragya kidnapped as Abhi came here. She asks how did Abhi know that we are in Palghar. She thinks to call Purab and enquire him. Purab picks the call and says yes Sarla Maa. Sarla scolds him and asks why did you send Abhi here. Purab asks why you are angry? Sarla tells that Pragya is kidnapped, and blames him for informing Abhi and giving chance to Aaliya and Tanu to kidnap her.

Sarla further says if anything happens to Pragya then I will not talk to you or have any relation with you. Purab thinks he has to do something. Goons take Pragya to godown. Nikhil says Pragya ji have come and says did you forget me? He shows his face. Pragya looks at him.

Abhi reaches there and tells Tony to kill your leader he says he will not betray him. Abhi asks how you will kill me being alone. They say they are three and boss will pay them all. The goons surround Abhi. Pragya meets Abhi she says why don’t you listen to me he says because I am the boss Nikhil came from behind and hits Abhi he falls down.

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