Apr 3, 2020

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 15th September 2016 Written Updates Abhi Praises Pragya

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 15th September 2016 Written Updates Abhi Praises Pragya :- Pragya went back to office Saira tries to stop her as she said that Abhi is very angry today and if she comes in front of him he will immediately fire her Purab went to Pragya house and says that she wants to tell a very good news to Rockstar Dadi and Sarla they tell her that they already know hearing which Purab gets a little angry but soon calm down.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 669 Written Updates

Abhi saw Pragya he was thinking that Pragya will say sorry to her later she said it in a very sweet way he gets shocked. Next day Abhi was going to a function Saira says that she is free today so she can accompny him Abhi says I want someone sensable, intellectual and intelligent person to go with me decides to take Pragya with him.

Pragya agrees to go with him Abhi actual plan was to take revenge from her and torture her today. Alia meets Saira and asks how much you earn she replied Rs 50,000 monthly Alia says how can you manage and tells her if you want to earn some extra money then I can help you but you have to work for me.

Saira says what I have to do she tells her the whole plan Saira gave her the name of a person Alia gets happy. Two goons came and tries to buy Pragya offered her money and wants to take her to room Pragya ran behind them as she want to click their picture Abhi gets shocked seeing Pragya behaving in such a brave manner.

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