Apr 1, 2020

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 15th November 2016 Written Updates Abhi Meets Pragya Finally

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 15th November 2016 Written Updates Abhi Meets Pragya Finally :- Abhi saw a dream at night where he sees him filling Sindoor in Pragya maang and they were taking wedding vows together he wakes up screaming Fuggi then he went to Dadi and tells her about all that he says that he saw Nikita in his dream at night he wants to bring her back home now as she was not the culprit he will find her even if he had to search the whole world Dadi gets happy knowing this.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 712 Written Updates

Abhi comes to Palghar and searches for Pragya on the road One of them ask if she stays here Abhi says no Boy sees Pragya’s pic and is surprised. He tells Abhi that he doesn’t know her. Abhi thinks nobody knows about Pragya Later Pragya was going out for interview Sarla says you will soon forget Mumbai and Abhi Same boy comes to Pragya and tells jiju is searching for her on the road Pragya gets happy and asks boy to take her there Boy brings Pragya there Pragya smiles and thinks he came here in search for her.

At a Dhaba Abhi eats and asks for 1000 Rs note change He enquires about Pragya. Pragya thinks about Sarla’s promise and goes from there silently. Abhi sees her and calls her name. He thinks if he had really seen her or it is his imagination. Dasi asks Dadi to tell Sarla everything that whatever Abhi did was under Aaliya’s influence. Dadi says I understand, but this time Sarla is very angry. She asks Dasi to bring her phone.

Pragya prays in the temple and thinks she want to meet him but can’t as she remembers promise made to Sarla She thinks she shall stay here in the temple as Abhi never come to temple. Abhi finally meets Pragya and asks her why she is punishing her and tells that he came late there He asks her to understand his helplessness and says he can’t live without her Pragya looks on.

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