Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 15 July 2016 Written Updates Abhi Signs Divorce Papers

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 15 July 2016 Written Updates Abhi Signs Divorce Papers :- Rockstar Dadi came with divorce papers at Mehra Mansion she says that she wants to meet Abhi. He came then Dadi gives him papers and tells him to sign on them as Pragya sent them he gets stunned hearing this as the love of his life wants to go away from him. Abhi refuses to sign the papers and tells Dadi that without talking to Pragya he will not sign them.


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Abhi tells Dadi that I will go to your house then meet Pragya after talking to her will sign the papers hearing which she gets tensed. Even Tanu gets shocked as now Abhi will find the truth and calls Alia to inform about that she says stop him from going there otherwise their whole plan will get fail.

At Pragya’s house Abhi meets Janki asks her where is Pragya she makes drama then he starts waiting for her but she was in kidnappers custody so can’t come back. Pari says that she wants to go to toilet Pragya requests goon to let her go as she is a kid finally he agrees and leaves his phone on the table.

Pragya manages to get the phone tries to call Abhi but he did not picked up after sometime when he was going back to his house he picked phone but when Pragya was about to say something goon came and takes away the phone from her. Tanu meets Abhi and emotionally blackmails him after which he finally signs the divorce papers.

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