Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 14th November 2016 Written Updates Abhi Wants to Find Pragya

Today Kumkum Bhagya Episode 14th November 2016 Written Updates Abhi Wants to Find Pragya :- Pragya left the city along with her family Abhi failed to stop her later he finds that the accountant was responsible and the actual culprit he beats him a lot Alia threatens him not to take her name in front of Abhi otherwise his family will be killed by her goons then she asked him to get lost. Later Alia came back home and celebrates her victory with Tanu as Pragya has gone out from their life forever.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 711 Written Updates

In the night Abhi saw a dream where he seen him filling Sindoor in Pragya maang he wakes up and tells about this to Dadi he says that he is feeling guilty and will definitely bring Nikita back home at any cost hearing which Dadi gets extremely happy and hopeful that Abhi Pragya are going to be back together soon.

Sarla and her family reach Mama’s house Mama asks them to freshen up and says food is ready Beeji says if you will not have food again and pulls his leg Sarla asks Mama about his wife and daughter Mama says they went to Punjab for a wedding and left me here Beeji asks Pragya to go and rest Mama asks Sarla Pragya is looking sad how she will stay here Sarla says she will adjust and asks him not to tell anything to Abhi about their whereabouts

Abhi says to Dadi that he saw in his dream strange visuals which never happened Dadi asks if he is having pain in his head Abhi says no and says he is feeling odd Dadi says you are feeling guilty and that’s why got her dream Abhi tells Tanu and Aaliya that he will search Nikita even if he has to search her in entire world Tanu and Aaliya gets shocked hearing this.

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