Today Kumkum Bhagya 9 March 2016 Written Updates Mithali Gets Caught Abhi Pragya Shares a Romantic Moment

Today Kumkum Bhagya 9 March 2016 Written Updates Mithali Gets Caught Abhi Pragya Shares a Romantic Moment :- Rockstar Abhi is about to do a concert in Kumkum Bhagya serial within a few days where a lot of revelations will be made and there are high chances that Tanu might get exposed on the other side Alia is planning something big to ruin the concert and what are her plans to find out read the article further.


Abhi said that Alia is just acting to be nice and said that its her new plan. Pragya and whole family takes her side but Alia says that she doesn’t want anyones sympathy and came here to give something. She says that she found some important papers outside and came here to give them and the papers were actually important after which Alia went away.

Pragya tells Dadi and Rachna that they need to be careful with Sarla next time. Mithali was hearing their conversation and they caught her. Alia told Tanu to give her all the details of Abhi’s concert otherwise she has to pay big time. On the other hand Mithali tells Dadi that she wants to take revenge from Pragya for ruining her marital life and she will destroy her.

Mithali tells Dadi to convice Raj as only she can save her marital life and she also tells her that she was not hearing their conversation as she was only standing outside the room as she wants to meet Dadi.

Akash comes and tells Purab that he has a good location in mind for the concert and went for the reki with him. Abhi was getting depressed thinking about Alia after which Pragya consoles him.

Abhi made a harsh comment by mistake hearing which Pragya gets sad and to make her happy Abhi did many funny things after which he tells Pragya the list of songs that he is going to sing at the concert. After which they shared a romantic moment looking into each others eyes.

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