Today Kumkum Bhagya 5 October 2015 Episode 388 Written Abhi & Pragya

Today Kumkum Bhagya 5 October 2015 Episode 388 Written Abhi & Pragya :- The Episode 388 of KKB begins with Abhi telling Aaliya that she would have asked him for money, and he would have given her. He tells Dadi that he gets love from his fans and betrayal from family. Aaliya says this is your cheque. Someone offered him money about the music deal. Raj says Aaliya is lying and didn’t tell him anything.


Abhi asks then where is that CD? Aaliya says when she kept the CD, many people have seen her keeping it. Pragya says she has stolen it and says it might be recorded in CCTV footage. She asks Ronnie to go and bring 3 days CCTV footage.

Tanu tells dadi that she is hungry and says can she have food. Dadi asks her to go. Tanu comes to kitchen and gets tensed thinking about Aaliya. Mitali comes and asks if she came to bring water for everyone. Tanu says no. Mitali tells Geeta Maa’s sayings are coming true, and tells that Aaliya is being punished for her sins. Tanu stares her. Mitali asks her to do good work for getting good results.

Ronnie brings the CD. Pragya asks him to put it on TV. She says you did right by bringing staff here. Everyone watches CD carefully. Aaliya says everyone is clear. Pragya says thief steals in night only. Pragya asks Ronnie to rewind the CD. They see manager getting in the room and stealing the CD. Abhi asks Manager, why did he steal his CD? Aaliya signs him something. Abhi asks why did you steal my music? Manager says he was offered much money? Abhi slaps him and asks to get out. Aaliya tells I didn’t steal and told you.

Abhi says I am happy that I was wrong. He apologizes for slapping her and says you was careless. He says you did a mistake and you will not come to office from now on. Raj says you did right, Abhi….He says you should kick her out of home. Abhi says this punishment is enough. Pragya says I have suffered much because of her, and asks Abhi to give demand draft to her. Abhi gives DD to her. Pragya tears the DD and throws on Aaliya’s face. Tanu is shocked and thinks money went from their hands. Pragya says scores are settled now.

Dadi tells Bulbul that Aaliya made manager steal CD. Bulbul says she thought that she will be trapped. Pragya is sad, and says we have to find out about the person who is helping her. She asks Bulbul to make plan to expose about Tanu’s pregnany secret. Bulbul says that day is not far. Dadi gets emotional and thinks that day Abhi and Pragya will unite.

Tanu asks Aaliya, how she convinced Manager to steal the CD. Aaliya says she gave 2 Lakhs rupees to manager and convinced him. She gets angry at Raj, as he asked Abhi to throw her out of house.

Aaliya and Tanu meet Raj. Raj gets angry with them for not informing about the 10 crore deal. Tanu says they were not sure about the producer and that’s why didn’t tell them. Raj warns not to do anything without him else he will show the proofs to Abhi.
Mitali comes and sees them talking. They leave. Raj tells that they were asking partnership from him. Mitali asks him to make her partner instead.

Pragya feels sad and wishes to share Abhi’s pain with.

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