Jan 28, 2020

Today Kumkum Bhagya 15 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Abhi Sees CCTV Footage Nikhil in Trouble

Today Kumkum Bhagya 15 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Abhi Sees CCTV Footage Nikhil in Trouble :- Abhi reaches the cold storage room somehow and with purab help finally manages to save Pragya from there Aliya and Tanu plan to kill Pragya fails once again Back at Mehra Mansion Abhi takes Pragya to bedroom and stays with her on the same bed both Aliya and Tanu looks quite angry at them Purab arrives there and tells them to leave the room right now they left Abhi inquires Pragya why she went to cold store room she says manager told her to go there someone locked it from outside Abhi asked have you seen his batch Pragya says no.

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 789 Written Updates

Daadi and Daasi assure Sarla that Pragya is completely fine. Sarla requests them to let her talk to her for once but Daadi says that she is busy with Abhi right now. A relieved Sarla hangs up saying that she will talk to Pragya in the morning. Tanu reaches Nikhil’s place to tell him about Abhi’s investigation and they start bickering. Nikhil calls the CCTV guy asking him to delete all the footage but he refuses to do so. He tells him that Purab is already here and he can’t do anything. Nikhil and Tanu panic about the situation as she decides to leave.

Before Nikhil realises, Tanu leaves his house. Abhi wakes up in the morning and keeps looking at Pragya. She wakes up with a smile on her face when she looks at him. They wave at each other and get up as Pragya reminisces about their old times together. She turns to see that he has gone and he enters with some juice for her. He asks her why she was smiling when she was asleep and she tells him that she saw a beautiful dream.

Purab comes with the footage and asks them to come downstairs where they will play the footage. Abhi asks her to freshen up as Pragya wonders if Aaliya and Tanu were involved in everything that happened. Purab tells Aaliya that he has the footage to the cold storage and asks her to pray for her life. Aaliya starts panicking and blames Nikhil-Tanu for everything. Abhi, Pragya, Aaliya, Tanu and Purab enter the room where he plays the footage.

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