Today Kumkum Bhagya 14 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Abhi tries to find Who Locked Pragya

Today Kumkum Bhagya 14 Feb 2017 Episode Written Updates Abhi tries to find Who Locked Pragya :- Abhi gets a bit tensed after not seeing Pragya anywhere then finally one of the waiter tells him that he saw her heading towards the cold storage room Aaliya and Tanu are watching all the drama happening Pragya suffering from CCTV live and getting happy seeing her in so much of pain Nikhil informs them that the door cannot be opened from inside at all so no one can save Pragya she will die today for sure.

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Daadi and Daasi are also worried about Abhi-Pragya’s absence. Purab puts a positive spin on it. Tanu is impatiently waiting for Pragya to die when Nikhil gives her scientific facts on how a person slowly dies in cold weather. He also tells them how she will start hallucinating towards the end. They get super excited to see Pragya die.

Abhi reaches the cold storage room wondering why Pragya was down in this part of the hotel. Pragya is regretting coming to the cold room and wishes she could call Abhi once. She sees Abhi and tries to call him but he doesn’t see her.

Just then, they see Pragya banging the door and figure that she is hallucinating. Nikhil goes to get champagne so they can celebrate their victory. Abhi thinks that maybe the waiter mis-leaded him and calls Pragya but since her phone is on the bar counter, she doesn’t answer it. Abhi then decides to go to the party area and look for her. Nikhil, Tanu and Aaliya are pouring champagne in a glass to celebrate. Just as Abhi is about to leave, he finds Pragya’s watch and starts calling her name.

Meanwhile, Pragya falls wrapped in plastic sheets. Abhi enters the cold storage and finds Pragya shivering to death. He hugs her and asks her to talk to him but she isn’t able to. Meanwhile, Nikhil, Tanu and Aaliya and ignoring the screens and partying. Aaliya then notices the screen and is shocked. The other two also turns to see Abhi holding Pragya and trying to save her. They start panicking and blaming each other yet again. Nikhil then points out that Abhi got himself locked inside the room and there’s no way they can come out now.

Abhi gets worried as Pragya’s heart beat is dropping. He removes his jacket and wraps it around her to keep her warm. He even gives her a CPR requesting her to wake up. She eventually regains her consciousness a little bit and he takes her in his arms. Tanu starts crying as Abhi resuscitates Pragya back to life. Aaliya then leaves to save her brother. Pragya asks Abhi to leave but he refuses to leave her side. He tells her that in the next birth they will be each other’s forever.

Pragya reminisces about the time when Abhi had promised to fulfil her dreams before he lost his memory. They hug each other and she tells him that it feels like he hasn’t forgotten anything. Daadi gets tired of dancing as Purab takes her to the table. They start talking and laughing with each other. He then notices Abhi’s numerous missed calls and calls him back. Abhi tells her that he remembers everything as she keeps looking into his eyes. Abhi answers the call and asks Purab to help him out.

Purab gets shocked and rushes to save them. Daadi and Daasi follow them. Aaliya warns Tanu that if something happens to Abhi, she won’t spare her. Abhi requests Pragya to not shut her eyes and tells her that Purab is on his way to save them. Purab reaches the cold storage first and rushes to save them. Aaliya and Tanu also reach the place. Purab finds Abhi and Pragya in each other’s arms. Abhi lifts Pragya in his arms and refuses to take Purab’s help, who then holds Abhi.

Abhi took Pragya to the bedroom and stays with her on bed Purab orders Aliya and Tanu to get out of the room they both obliged Abhi asks Pragya how you got locked in the cold storage she says manager told me to go there he says have you seen his badge Pragya says no.

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