Today Kumkum Bhagya 1 October 2015 Episode 386 Written Abhi & Pragya

Today Kumkum Bhagya 1 October 2015 Episode 386 Written Abhi & Pragya :- The Episode 386 of Kumkum Bhagya opens up with Dadi calling Pragya and asks if Aaliya came. Pragya says she didn’t come till now and asks her not to worry. Dadi prays to God to expose Aaliya infront of Abhi. Purab comes back to Abhi and tells he complained to manager about that sardar. He says manager kicked him out of hotel. Abhi says you took revenge for my insult. Purab says we will have dinner here, and asks him to sit on the table. He plans to expose Aaliya. Abhi asks him to order food. Aaliya comes to meet the producer. Purab asks who told you about this place. Abhi says it was Aaliya’s suggestion. Purab asks did you see the lamp? Abhi asks we came here to have food. Purab asks him to order food. Aaliya asks producer (Bulbul), if he got the money. Producer shows her DD (Demand Draft). Aaliya asks am I fool to sell scratch for this paper? Producer says it is a DD. Purab tells Abhi, that the man is looking like Akash. While Abhi tries to look, Aaliya sees him and hides the cheque. She throws water on the people sitting on the other table. The girls starts fighting with the boys sitting on the other side. Producer tells that he needs genuine CD.


Aaliya asks if this DD is not authentic. She says this deal is on trust and leaves with DD. Abhi calls the management, and asks about the fight. The manager says you are standing on the chair. Pragya tells Bulbul that Aaliya went away. Bulbul says we couldn’t expose her. Pragya says we will go with the plan and says still they can expose her.

Pragya asks Ronnie to release the song in Abhi’s name and says this song should be hit. Bulbul says I will come to house tomorrow. Pragya asks her not to come tomorrow, and says I will pretend as if it was Aaliya’s mistake.

Aaliya comes back home and tells Tanu that Abhi came there. Tanu is shocked and asks if Abhi slapped her. Aaliya says I ran from there before that happens. She says it was my mistake and I told him about that hotel. Tanu says my dreams are broken. Aaliya says we got the money and shows the DD. Tanu gets happy. Aaliya says producer was fool to give DD of Rs. 10 crores. She says I am very much tired and will keep CD copy in the office.

Pragya comes home and tells everything to Dadi. Pragya tells Dadi that their plan is going on. She says tomorrow morning, Aaliya will be trapped.

Next morning Abhi and Pragya fight with each other. Abhi calls kyunki tumhi ho mogambo. Purab calls Abhi and asks about the scratch. Abhi asks did you upload it? Purab says some other company have uploaded it. Abhi thinks if Pragya did this, and then thinks she can’t make her loss. He asks Pragya, if you released the scratch. Pragya says no, and accuses him for selling the scratch without his permission. She says I will take you to court and asks who did this. Abhi wonders who did this and says I will not leave him.

Abhi calls Aaliya and asks where are you? Aaliya asks what happened? Abhi asks her about the CD which he gave her for safe keeping. Aaliya says it should be in the office and asks why you are angry. Abhi says someone has stolen it and uploaded on net. Abhi tells my music is stolen. Aaliya says how can it be possible. Abhi asks her to answer. Aaliya says I kept it in office and didn’t give to anyone. She says I am saying truth and kept safely. Abhi asks how can it be uploaded online. Aaliya says she kept in office. She asks are you doubting me? She asks him to accuse her of theft and send to Jail. Abhi asks her to shut up and says truth is that his music is stolen. He says Purab was busy so that’s why he didn’t give him CD, and asks her to answer. Tanu says we will investigate the matter and asks him not to be hyper. Pragya says it is not a small thing and says music was stolen which would be profitable to her. She says I will get the guilty punished.

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