Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 8th November 2016 Written Updates Tanuja tries to Explain to Rishi

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 8th November 2016 Written Updates Tanuja tries to Explain to Rishi :- Rano tries to throw Tanuja out of the house but somehow Raj manages to save her and accepts her as his daughter-in-law Rishi on the other Rishi gave a promise to Rano that he will never get physical with Tanuja as only Tanu reseves this right no one else. Smiley in all excitement makes preperations for Rishi Tanuja suhagraat now it will be interesting to see whether Rishi keeps his promise or not.


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In the hall, Bee ji speaks to Malaika she feels bad, anything that was about to be hers is now Tanuja’s. Malaika leaves the hall, Rano notices and follows Malaika upstairs. Bee ji was worried if she did something wrong. Ahana assure she hasn’t done anything wrong she just said the right thing at the wrong time. In the room Malaika was packing her bag Rani angrily comes to help her Malaika stops at once then cries loudly. She tells Rano she felt real insult when she saw Tanuja in Rishi’s room she has snatched her place in the room.

Rano tells Malaika there is nothing between Rishi and Tanuja it’s only because of Raj’s health that Rishi is staying with Tanuja Malaika hugs Rano, thanking her to be with her She smirks behind her back In the window Rishi thinks it was fate or a betrayal that he got married to Tanuja. No matter Tanuja is a part of his life only Tanu would always be there in his heart.

Tanuja unpins her hair and was about to keep the jewelry in a drawer a photo album of Rishi and Tanu fell down She looks towards her face in the mirror disturbed Rishi turns around and shouts at once, what she is doing. He comes to snatch the album off her hand, and demands who gave her a permission to touch this Tanuja explains it fell off as a mistake Rishi asks how many mistakes she commit this must be the last one.

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