Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 8th August 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Reaches Mumbai

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 8th August 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Reaches Mumbai :- Panchayat announces the decision Tanuja has to leave village Rishi agrees to marry Mallika hearing which Rano gets happy as her son finally agrees for marriage but Ahana is sad. Goons burns Sandy house but somehow everyone manages to escape after which Tanuja agrees to go to Mumbai with Nidhi, Vidhi and Bani.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 111 Written Updates

Rishi comes to hotel with Malika she tells Rishi she that doesn’t speak much but she was happy to know he wanted to meet her alone. She asks Rishi if he loved someone else Rishi asks her to look towards future and don’t think about the past at all.

With Mallika Rishi heads towards a separate table UV and Divya arrive with Malika’s parents and watches the family had already reached Rano notices Ahana’s mood off and thinks she has a problem about Rishi moving ahead in his life.

Mallika says she fall in love with him in her first sight when she watched him on TV Rishi asks why she left his two older husbands Mallika says they left her and betrayed her Rishi announces a surprise for her and calls the two men which are her past husbands Viren and Tejas were on single side and they exposed Mallika in front of Rishi.

Rano says that she hates Tanu Rishi says stop mom don’t say a single word about her. Rishi went to Kali Maa temple while Tanuja reaches Mumbai he says that she told me that she’ll come back for me but she broke her Kasam where are you now Tanuja responds what.

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