Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Hears Rishi Rano Conversation

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Hears Rishi Rano Conversation :- Rano drags Tanuja and tries her level best to throw her out of her house she seeks help from Malaika but even she betrayed her but supported Rano also Rishi did not cared about her as he was fully backing her mother but then Raj came to her rescue he says that Tanuja is like my daughter and if she leaves the house than I will leave with her too as I am the actual culprit and was behind all the planning.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 177 Written Updates

Rishi assures Rano that he and Tanuja would never be one, they will only stay as strangers. Rishi asks for her promise not to reveal the truth, until Raj is fine. Rano says Tanuja has got what she wanted, she won’t let this all go. Rishi was ready to give her as much money as she needs, money isn’t worthy in front of Raj. Rano asks if he is aware of its meaning. Tanuja was passing by and over hears, Rishi promises Rano never to touch Tanuja. Smiley comes to call them towards Raj, Rishi reminds Rano of her promise.

In the room, Bee ji asks Raj why he got on bed. Tanuja comes there, Raj calls her towards himself. Raj tells her not to worry, nothing would happen to him anytime soon. He asks Tanuja to call him Bauji, and blesses her for fulfillment of all her wishes. Smiley takes them to complete their wedding rituals. Rishi takes Rano out, as he is doing this all for Raj only.

Smiley asks Tanuja about her room’s decoration and leaves her, assuring Rishi would be here soon. Tanuja recalls, Smiley smiled watching Tanuja set her bed. Tanuja asked why she is laughing. Smiley said everyone know what is going to happen on wedding night, still everyone ask about it

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