Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 5th August 2016 Written Updates Sandy Tells Tanuja to Leave

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 5th August 2016 Written Updates Sandy Tells Tanuja to Leave :- Tanuja helps the couple which came running from the villagers as she hides them in their house suddenly the brother of the girl named Shalu came along with goons he shot on the guy but Shalu comes in the way and takes the bullet on herself seeing all this Tanuja saw some flashback from the past where Tanu comes in Rishi way.


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In the panchayat Neha and Sandy were accused of betraying the villagers. Sandy gets the chance to clarify himself he says he warned him to behave well but he misbehaved with Tanuja He accuses them to have killed Shalu’s husband he is their son in law.

The villagers warn Sandy of not leaving his daughters as well. Sandy warns Shalu’s father that his son must have gone to jail, had her daughter not stopped him. Everyone enforces Sandy to leave the village, if he wants his daughter to stay alive. Sarpanj announces the decision that he must send his daughters away from the village, else they won’t be responsible for any mishap with them.

Shalu’s brother burn the Sandy house Tanuja saves Vidhi and Nidhi from getting burned putting her life in danger later Neha scolds Tanuja as she accuses her of doing drama but Sandy praises her and tells her to go away from here as this place is now very dangerous for her.

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