Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Rishi Says Sorry to Tanuja

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 4th November 2016 Written Updates Rishi Says Sorry to Tanuja :- Raj accuses Malaika of cheating and having an affair with Shekhar but she gets saved as on time her boyfriend makes arrangements which proved her innocent in front of Rano. After all this as per her condition Rano says that Tanuja cannot stay here anymore she drags her outside Tanuja asks Malaika for help but in reply she says that today she will not help her spare her then Tanuja asks Rishi for help he stops Rano.


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Rano says this means that Rishi now you have feelings for Neha daughter Tanuja he says no mom her Bangle stuck with my watch he removes it even then Raj came to Tanuja rescue but Rano did not listen to him then Rishi recalls about the childhood promises he had given to Tanu then finally Raj says ok today if Tanuja leave then I will leave this house too as I am the actual planner so I am the real culprit here.

Raj says that I accept Tanuja as my daughter he then tells Rishi to try and understand their stars match and he was only a source you are made for each other. He further says that not Tanuja but Malaika is the one who is breaking their family as she is a big fraud. Finally Raj faints and both Rishi Tanuja gets shocked seeing this.

Both Rishi and UV come to his help Raj Manpreet goes to get the doctor Rano holds Tanuja outside and insults her to leave if she has a little shame left. Malaika comes to take Rano inside Later Rishi says sorry to Tanuja and put her mangalsutra back on her nack Tanuja hears Rishi promising Rano he will never ever touch Tanuja.

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