Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 4th August 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Leaves Village

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 4th August 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Leaves Village :- Neha, Bani and her daughters behave in a very bad manner with Tanuja as they treat her like servent she finds about Rishi who loves a girl whose name is Tanu then she tells her friend Vidhi that she will find the actual meaning of love first of all then will look for a man. Rishi meanwhile agrees to marry a divorcee named Mallika.


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Tanuja helps Amit and Shalu leave from the back door of their house while Sandy holds the bunch of villagers outside. The goons hit Sandy on the arm Tanuja goes to take care of him. They run outside in search of Amit while Sandy takes the blame over himself. Bani and Neha stare at her Sandy insist on Tanuja to go and sleep Neha is angry and may say anything. He tells Tanuja his heart was relieved today as she saved someone’s life.

Rano was happy and was ready to hear anything from Bee ji today Bee ji tells Rano that Yuvraj and Manpreet have gone behind Rishi. Rano swirls and asks Raaj why he is upset if he has some problem with her being divorcee. Raaj says that he isn’t against divorce as society does he believes if two people can’t get along well they should part ways. He wonders how Rishi can agree for marriage so soon. Rano insists that Rishi has burnt all the memories of Tanuja from his mind just as she did to her photos. Raaj asks Rano to speak to Rishi once more Rano accepts to talk to him but tomorrow.

Tanuja serves tea to everyone Bani scolds her and tells her about Panchayat deciding their fates Tanuja was worried and wants to go to Panchayat Bani stops her. The girls demand Bani for a maid she assures that Tanuja is going with them as a maid. Sandy tells Tanuja that she must leave this village isn’t safe for them she agrees.

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