Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 4 Written Updates 10 March 2016 Tanu Waiting Rishi Coming Back to India Soon

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 4 Written Updates 10 March 2016 Tanu Waiting Rishi Coming Back to India Soon :- Colors channel new romantic daily soap ‘Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki’ is winning the hearts of the viewers as the initial few episodes that are being aired were quite interesting and we have seen how Rishi went to San Francisco with his parents now it is yet to be seen that whether he will come back for his destiny Tanu or not.


At the party Rajhi friend Deepak came and Raji thanked him for helping his sons in getting the job and he tells him in return that they haven’t got the job but he has lost even his own while helping his sons after which he tells a funny story.

One of Rano friends tells her that his son Rishi is flirting with his fathers friend seeing which Rano gets happy. Some people came with the marriage proposal of Tanu but Viru refused as they have already engaged her with Raji’s son Rishi and he is coming within two weeks from America to take Tanu with him.

The lady told Tanu to tell her partents to understand otherwise she will get over aged but Tanu says that she knows that Rishi will definitly come and the lady gets angry & told her that she has got mad in love.
Rishi was getting romantic with a hot girl on bed and suddenly he got flashbacks of Tanu suddenly Raji comes with his friend Luthra and they caught Rishi with the girl in the bedroom. The girl turned out to be Luthra’s wife.

Rishi gets unconscious and doctor tells that he got a injury on his forehead but now he is alright. Raji says to Rano that they need to get back to India to get Rishi married to Tanu but Rano refuses and Raji blackmails her that he will donate his whole property in charity if she says no after which she finally agrees.

Tanu’s tells that only 18 days left in Rishi’s 23rd birthday and her sister told her that she has already mailed them about this and waiting for the reply hearing which Tanu gets happy on the other side Shanta gets tensed thinking has she done right making Tanu wait for Rishi for so long.

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