Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 3rd August 2016 Written Updates Rano Wants Rishi Mallika Married

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 3rd August 2016 Written Updates Rano Wants Rishi Mallika Married :- Rishi saves Nakul from getting beaten and hugs him as he felt relief Tanuja finds that his heart only beats for a girl of her name. Neha and her daughters tortures Tanuja treats her like servents. Tanuja tells her friend that she wants to understand love first then will find the right guy for her.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 108 Written Updates

Rano brings Rishi downstairs Mallika stands up for Rishi but he only nods then Nakul whispers in Manpreet ears soon there will be a Mahabharat. Mallika’s parents stand to appreciate their daughter Rishi directly asks Mallika if she will be able to love him Mallika says she loved him the day she saw him fighting on the television.

Some villagers trying to kill a couples they ring bell Tannu takes the couple inside. Vidhi was reluctant but Tanuja goes to open the doors. The villagers ask about Shalu and gets inside the house. Tanuja resists that they can’t enter the house, with these logs and guns. Sandy comes out and watches Shalu and husband hidden. Tanuja joins her hands to Sandy. Sandy comes to second Tanuja, he brings about a gun to show to the villagers as he is already a murderer.

One of the man snatches the gun Vidhi accuses Tanuja responsible for this. The man shout at Shalu to come outside, the couple finally comes out of hiding. Her brothers point the gun at Amit, Shalu shares her love for Amit and was ready to die for him, and she gets the bullet fired at Amit over her chest. Rano tells Rishi to fix a date with Mallika for marriage and confirms if he would say a yes to her.

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