Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 2nd November 2016 Written Updates Rano Drags Tanuja Rishi Looks On

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 2nd November 2016 Written Updates Rano Drags Tanuja Rishi Looks On :- On the request of Raj Tanuja finally sits in the mandap agreeing that she will marry Rishi and become his wife Malaika on the other hand was trying hard to reach for her marriage back on time. Pandit Ji starts reading the mantras and Tanuja was too much tensed as she does not want Rishi to find out that she is not Malaika finally Malaika reaches there but somehow lights turned off and Rishi fills sindoor in Tanuja maang Pandit Ji announces them as husband wife now.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 174 Written Updates

Raj arrives at hotel with the family they go towards room 105 Rishi rings the bell Raj remember Shekhar asked Malaika to return here after wedding. Malaika curses herself for meeting Shekhar today Rishi knocks at the door When the door opens they were all shocked and look towards Raj. Everyone was shocked as a lady comes out of the room Raj asks her about the guy whom Malaika came to meet her husband calls from inside, Manpreet calls him outside. The man comes out, Malaika thinks this isn’t Shekhar. Manpreet accuses the man for having an affair with Malaika, the lady says this is her husband and they are here since yesterday.

The manager denies recognizing Malaika. Rishi calms Raaj, UV goes to look for an entry in the reception register. Malaika was worried her truth would now be disclosed. Shekhar drags Malaika aside then, he tells Malaika it’s his friend there in the room. He saw her come out of the car with them, she looked really worried so he made all arrangements for her. Malaika was relieved, she takes a leave from Shekhar forbidding him to call her.

Tanuja swears she isn’t lying, Divia says they could have accepted her to be true if they didn’t know she was aware of Raj’s tests only. Rano drags Tanuja out of home. Raaj only watches, Rishi was worried about Tanuja but not doing anything only looking at her poor condition from the far side letting Rano do wrong to her.

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