Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 24th October 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Rishi Dance Together

Today Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode 24th October 2016 Written Updates Tanuja Rishi Dance Together :- Rishi proposes Malaika after which she immediately agrees to marry him Tanuja finds about all this from Rano and she gets very sad knowing regarding this as she loves Rishi a lot from inside. Tanuja reaches Rishi house he saw her standing on the door Malaika meets her and thanks her for saving the life of Rishi also requested Tanuja to help her in her marriage Tanuja agreed and says that I will do whatever you say.


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Raj asks Rano if she compelled Rishi to marry Malaika Rano accepts she did this Raj discusses Rishi love for Tanuja in his eyes but Rano interrupts that Rishi would only marry Malaika At night Tanuja was preparing rangoli Ahana watches this as Tanuja appreciates Tanuja rangoli and asks about fixing it. Rano comes there cursing Tanuja Rangoli as she worked with Smileys. She goes to appreciate the one originally made by Tanuja.

Tanuja walks towards Malaika room when she hear Rishi irritated at something She enters the room Rishi was suffocating because of tight vest button. She scolds him to stay silent and helps him with unbuttoning Rishi was relieved holding Tanuja hand and thanks her He then withdraws his hand then questions why only she comes in whenever he is in some trouble. Tanuja regrets and turns to leave fuming She slaps the door shut Rishi felt bad behind.

Someone calls Rishi inside their paths again cross Rishi holds her to stay where she is and pass by Tanuja hears the call the other person ask how dare she didn’t pick up his call doesn’t she know… Tanuja replies she is not Malaika the other person cuts the call Tanuja wonders who he was. Tanuja and Rishi dance together and they shared a romantic moment together when suddenly someone interrupts them.

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